Barney Stinson plays Orkfia

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Well sure they seem to be doing good, but o think it’s more of lack of competition to be honest.
# 36 seems to be slacking bad, along with the infamous 125, and #40 seems to be the same.
But yes #31 has been dominating this age, I can only hope that #21,36,125,40 and mybe others can contend more in this last week, and into next age

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This is age of slack..should call it slackfest

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Even 31 is slacking, so I can only agree.

Though this thread was about his name, and that reference was funny!

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It was indeed about the name.
Was entertaining to see it play out.

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Now THAT is a creative tribe name

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thanks noodle always answering questions that no one asked [:p] now go and watch how i met your mother[;)]

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