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scarlo -

I'm sending out a couple thousand emails to previous Orkfians, trying to inspire some renewed membership.

To our current playerbase: please check in Discord occasionally so we can show some better activity.

It's been too quiet in there lately - gonna scare people away ;P

I know there's some frustration around the gameplay but at the end of the day it is fun, and playable, and the new UI is great. And we're working on improving other stuff as well. So let's all put our best foot forward on getting some more players.

Discord Link:

Scarlet -

You might want to link the discord here [up]

DeadEd -

Didnt even know there was discord channel for Orkfia and ive played for a while. Lol

scarlo -

Good point!

I will post link as soon as I’m home.

We should promote it on the home page

Sanzo -

Lil Britty -

I’ll log back on [up]

scarlo -

Thx Lil Britty
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