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Mirfors -

As an essentially new player for the past age as well as the top dwarf for almost all four weeks (#23 giving me a run for my money), I'd like to share a few thoughts about my experience playing Orkfia.

Fundamentally, I think players/developers should try to figure out what they want Orkfia to be. Do you want to grow the user base? Then simplify things. Do you want to reward immediate fast play? Then don't restrict attacks.

Tl;dr - not everyone has the same vision of what Orkfia should be, and that's why people offer different suggestions. (For those of you who know what League of Legends is, my reference post is )

1) Orkfia is not user-friendly.
There are way too many different individual names for spells and operations. You can't set percentages for buildings in the game but have to calculate how many of each to add or remove manually. There are not any clear recommendations on how to play or build outside of a few comments in the guide in the building section.

2) The guide doesn't have enough information.
There are no formulas for how much MP or TP spells or operations should cost based on your level or size (and I'm still not sure what determines it). There is no formula for success rates, only some general guidelines (“Hard for a weak mage”). There is nothing in the war section about how damage ramps up over time. The protection for CH/GH based on land percent isn't given. Fame bonuses aren't discussed. Research points given for war kills isn't there. I only just figured out in the last week that there's (apparently?) a cap of 6 tribes in an alliance only based on how everyone else talks about it and the fact that all the top alliances don't have more than six tribes.

3) Dwarf is broken.
I think it's a bit absurd that a newbie could reach #3 on the tribe rankings by exploring/turtling alone, and if I hadn't miscalculated one play in week 3 of expanding without building more defense, I could have conceivably held the top spot for more than just a dozen minutes before the top balrog wrecked my plans.

Originally this was going to be a longer, more thought-out post, but I'm too tired to bother. So that's all I have for now.

scarlo -

Mirfors, really great feedback. I Want to thank you very much for sharing it. I think you’ve offered some important perspective for us old schoolers & staffers.

Please add to this thread as you have more thoughts. I will reference this for upcoming change recommendations.

Newgame -

Excellent feedback really.

Good job on 3rd and well continue to play you will see certain aspects that can be your advantage a dwarf with free and 2 hour build time super OP is a great example

I do want to mention that the guide is hurting and i wish this could be corrected and the playerbase grow like it used to be

Years ago the game flourished we had 12 man alliances and the game wad at a good balance point with about 12 to 15ish races to choose from.

This created a big mix and what was OP was countered and vice versa will be deleted ad i was asked to not post anything anymore but before it is please just make it more diverse the same few races are unbelivably boring you get the same results over and over

It takes time to correct but a step forward is to take a few steps back and reflect on this used to be awesome

Sanzo -

Thank you for your feedback, Mirfors. It is much appreciated.

Although we have limited resources, the development team is trying to make permanent improvements. It is also my personal opinion that there is too much calculating involved, an alternative construction method is much needed.

For individual races, we try to tweak them for good or bad each age. The age changes will be announced later today or early tomorrow. Dwarf will be addressed.

There are way too many different individual names for spells and operations.

What would be a better way for this? Drop down menu for type of building you wish to destroy, and then press the button?

Mirfors -

Yeah, a dropdown menu with the type of target for spells/ops would be simpler for people instead of a bunch of names of spells. It's a minor change, but it would make the game more accessible. I suppose the guide would have to be updated too then

Sanzo -

The descriptions are currently shown below the names, after selected from drop down menu [:|]
But I understand what you mean. Sometimes I get confused too

Mirfors -

I know, but it's still another layer of unnecessary complexity IMO

Kairon -

With the construction thing..

Could we perhaps implement a way to select what build you want ?
Heavy growth: 30% homes 7% farms 38-45% mines 7-10% yards (with barracks or labs as well)
Turtle: 30% homes 8% farms 15-20% ghs and chs with some ml
War mode: variable for safe war mode or suicide war mode

The selected input would auto calc how many buildings needed ect and then it takes 4 hours to construct

Sanzo -

Please keep this thread (which is actually very helpful!) on-topic.
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