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Currently in the works:
- spells and thievery to show more in depth data (mp,damage,fame,base success)
- new success pages for thievery and magic

Currently planned:
- expansion of war page

Please post below.
Note that not all things may make it into the planned list.

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Add 'races current unavailable' to the guide.

Probably with a disclaimer that “everything is subject to change” if re-introduced to avoid any confusion though [:D]

Scarlet -

Question from player:

What is land farming? Is it land farming if someone explores without enough defence and gets hit a few times. What about someone who attacks without enough defence.

My hopefully correct answer:


With regards to an attacker that's attacking without enough defence, that's called land trading. If they leave no defence at home it's called suiciding (and they get punished). If there's an actual agreement between the tribes then its a form of cheating but otherwise an oddly effective way to grow for high elves and totally legal as far as I am concerned.

Land farming is exploring, and releasing all your units so you have no offence or defence, or starting with intentionally low defence upon start/restart. Sometimes it turns out it's just a novice player who doesn't know better and then we help them out.

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