Age 18 Minor Race Tweaks

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Martel -

Straight from the Development forum comes a couple of small tweaks to races. These will be added once Age 17 has ended, without needing to remove any of them first.

Martel & The Staff Team

Poltergeist (2/7) - 810cr --> 840 cr

* 1.5 mystic per acre gives 1 mage level, this does not stack with academies --> 1 mystic per acre.

High Elves:
* 1% churches provide 4% protection instead of 3.5% --> 3.5% instead of 3%
Sage (6/0) - 700 cr --> 650cr
Longbowman (0/6) - 820 cr --> 750cr
Priestess (3/3) - 350cr --> (3/4) - 350 cr

Wood Elves:
Tree Ent (0/9) - 1400cr --> (0/10) 1400 cr
Grassrunner (0/0) - 300cr --> 280 cr

Mori Hai:
Axethrower (0/4) - 425cr --> (0/5) 525 cr

bloodball-staff -

looks very nice. i really like the templar change. it is time to go back to my roots!

Iluros -


Clap clap.

Edit: I take it churches are being downgraded from the HE entry?

chaoss -

shame no tweaks too oleg hai

Elomgated -

Hi martel :)

Dev - Joe -

Hehe, Olegs need a total revamp, not just a minor tweak imo :)

PannaMan -

dragons need a change imo, it's just way to easy for me now to reach 10k :P gimme a challenge people! :P :D

Half-Smile -

Now Templars won't need to have crazily low citzs to WM =)

chaoss -

joe give oleg a 8 defence spec for same price

and i will show u thats enough:D

or a 8 offence spec :P

further nice minor tweaks there:D

Perkalov -

* 1.5 mystic per acre gives 1 mage level, this does not stack with academies --> 1 mystic per acre."


Joe -

As in, under- or overpowered? :P

I know you think it's overepowered. Templar are still easy kills though, but have huge potential.
Don't forget most alli's had a average of ~40-50% engineering that's gone now.

Perkalov -

Indeed. I didnt bother with any argumentation since I did that last time around (The implementation), and in my oppininon they have worked more or less fine as they have been.

Try fixing whats broken instead of tinkering with stuff that are currently working.

Edit: This is no "small" change in the race, as with the rest of the changes. The other changes is more or less unimportant to general gamebalance.

Martel -

@Perkalov, you can look at the personal rankings for Templars. It would make no difference if we had removed them first.

edit: Taking your critique here was aimed at making a bigger change without removing that race first.

Mu -

@Perkalov: I'd like to know... what's broken and in what way, and how would *you* fix it? You know, something constructive and productive helps. ;)

rEdL|nE -

@Mu...sarcasm doesn't suite u....

Mu -

But I wasn't being sarcastic at all. I'm quite sincerely interested in what ideas he has, and I do think it's better to offer ideas than criticism at least some of the time.

Perkalov -

You missunderstood me, might be my english. There isnt/wasnt anything wrong with Templars and I belive Dev just overpowered them. They where insane since before (ML 40+ and 100-120 DMs at an suecide build). No other mage can actually reach this.

in short, they didnt need fixing. They just needed an suporterclub :P, Im not arguing that its been done "in the fly".

That is Dev's work tbh... Im pointing out that I belive that they just overpowered an already funktioning rase. I didnt realy need to write more then "Insane" for Joe to recolect my objections of the rase in the first place.

Joe -

@ Perkalov
Imo, they were more or less as meant. Powerful, yes. But easy to kill as well. For a ML 40 build you needed a 70-30 military/citz ratio.
And with the engi sci gone the CPA will drop and with that the ClericPerAcer = ML. That's pretty much the only reason why it was tweaked (along with the raid/FB changes). It was meant to 'keep them as they were'.
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