Age 18 Changes

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Martel -

[big]~ Game Changes Age 18 ~[/big]

New Features

* There is a completely new mystics interface

Game Changes

* Spells
- 2 New alliance spells: Seal of Deflection and Fountain of Resu
- Magical Void will remove spells in a random order
- War bonus for thievery & mana points = 2 updates, but no longer more than max capacity

* New tribes
- Spell effect hours to 18 instead of 3
- Market sell limit to 8 (length of OOP) from 24

* Citizens
- Reduce minimum raid losses to 2x acreage (from 3x) for all races
- Reduce Fireball damage to 75% of current

* Churches and Guard Houses efficiency are decreased to 3% defence per 1% buildings, from 3,5%. A max 80% rule remains.

* Old research will decay much, much faster

Race Changes

- Replacing Dragon*** & Uruk Hai with Owl & Rept Hai (other post)
*** = more will be announced

Other Changes

* Interface
- New Statistics page
- new races page
- Simpler urls for pages
- new footer + graphic
- orkfia mail upgraded
- simpler registration process

* Forums
- BB code added
- nicer forum urls

* Alliance page & rankings
- dead tribes will not impact alliance rankings
- will affect war declaration ranges (no more dead tribes allowing declarations)
- show tribe inactive sign for all tribes

Bug Fixes

- Ambush thief operation
- Using HTML tags in forum posts impossible (verified)
- Missing rounding of food, somewhere, shows in random news events (verified)
- Orkfia Mail show inbox from alli page instead of compose page
- TWG Vote bonus didn't show
- Unresearch is back into the game now.
- Abnormal damages made by dragons (against other dragons) using the Hit 'n' Run attack

These will be uploaded before age start! (For more precision = within 24 hours).

Martel, Harry & The Staff Team

roon -

Nice :) Well done

Frayed -

why drags?

ChaNCe -

exciting, can't wait. good work

bloodball -

- BB code added

omg i got my own code!!


Martel -

All changes are uploaded!

Please report any bugs in the BUGS thread.

Martel & The Staff Team

Perkalov -

Crap martel, you managed to do that while I was posting, so now I need to rewrite all of it...

Why remove Draggy, was there to many usefull attackers (3, now down to 2) for ppl playing outside #1?

And an reflection upon the inconsistancy of the changes for this age...

Does Dev have an plan or is this just alot of tinkering with different gamefunktion?

The question comes out of the fact that the changes doesnt syncronize with earlier stated goal, rather the opposite... And they dont syncronize with eachother.

Wind Rider -

Thanks for making Seal of Deflection and Fountain of Resu alliance spells. always thought to myself how great it would be if they were to help alliance members in some way.

Joe -

Really like the colors on the market history page :)
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