Age 19 Changes

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Martel -

Big list of changes. Big holiday. I am exhausted.

We are aiming at more changes like the ones below. More attacking, more risk taking and less stagnation. And news to races, of course.

On a side note, I have spent a lot of time adding the upcoming Aatwards to the game's code. The new page for the Aatwards is still empty official, but in a few hours the Aatwards will be announced, and the winners are listed there! We plan to add ways to record all in-game high scores there--such as listing most damaging spells, etc. Alliance and power players should enjoy these when they come along.

The future holds great things for Orkfiankind.

~ Martel & Dev Staff

(Special shout-out to Iluros, who has taken a big part in Dev with these age changes and planning of future changes to come.)

[big]Age 19 Game Changes[/big]


Exploring sends out defensive units which return with the incoming acres. Basics are no longer needed for exploring. Also explorations will show in both alliance & tribe news.
  • New formula for exploration costs:
    Money: Cr = 9 L - 12 * Markets (minimum: 800)
    Defense: D = 0.08 * L
    Citizens: C = 0.08 * L

  • Standard Attack
    - Increase acres explored when attacking by 3x

  • Tunneling
    - Now possible to use out-of-war

Race Changes
  • Nazgul removed
  • High Elf removed
  • Oleg Hai removed
  • Owl
    1 hour return time for thieves
    - new: 1/3 normal self op gains
    - removed: Swift Feathers are imperceptible (no losses on failed ops)

    Nester 0/0 30 cr
    Nightclaw 3/0 100 cr
    Screecher 0/5 520 cr
    Eagle Owl 4/1 410 cr
    Swift Feather 0/6 700 cr -> 770 cr

Race Tweaks due to change of the explore formula
  • Brittonian
    Defspec- 900 cr --> 1000 cr
  • Eagle
    Elite 1220 --> 1150 cr
  • Spirit
    Defspec 840 --> 850 cr
  • Templar
    Defspec- 1210 --> 1250 cr
  • Undead
    Offspec- 700 cr --> 675 cr
    Elite- 1130 --> 1250 cr
  • Viking
    Elite- 850 cr --> 880 cr
  • Wood Elf
    Elite- 1400 cr --> 1380 cr

Bugs fixed
  • Casting more than 1 dm results in an error
  • Using the Target Finder
  • all spells are automatically placed on Maximum, while you want most spells to stop when succeeded
  • being sent to the testing place instead of
  • i cant pick owl
  • a friend of mine wants to join and play but after creating account, he only gets too see elder msg
  • before i said i cant pick iwl but i cant pick any race. i resetted my account and everytime i pick a race and hit the return to ork burtton i geet the previous race i choosed and the same window
  • still can't pick races as starter, you get this screen
  • Combat bonus to weaponries -bug
  • You dont get a message when you try to buy more than you have the credits for in the market
  • If you go click on a tribe and click on "prepare mystics" you dont see who youre targetting - or choose another guy for that matter.
  • DragonS (typo) casting DragonMage
  • Rept Hai second attack sometimes not available
  • FoR and SoD showing target instead of caster's name when casting on allies
  • When you try to buy crowns AND soldiers from the market and the added up credit cost is more then you have, you're directed to the tribe page
  • Brood + 20% economics sci = 1 hour basic soldier training time
  • When Seal of Deflection is cast by an alli on your tribe, it gives a line in your news that shows your own name as the caster instead of the ally that casted it.
  • When you are to restart your tribe, you can't view the races until after you've restarted

bloodball -

what are the new races?

Martel -

Sorry bloodball, no new races this age.

All changes are uploaded now.


Dev Lord Iluros -

The new races need to be coded but are (mostly) ready to be added to the game once the coding has been done (1 is ready, the other needs finalizing).

希望 -

O.o what is Balrog and Light Elf? no new ork race???

Half-Smile -

Oh what, no new races this age =(

bloodball-staff -

aha i thought there where this age. then have to wait around for next age =p

magicman78 -

im not liking this new explore thing...

Rzlip -

The explore changes are nice, Give more war to the game, People are more willing to attack to grow, nice move.

Lord Saggy -

Yes it is nice, really giving the Alliances at War the War feel.

Buuut. I, being an old user with another name.. was always led to believe that exploration was:

Citizens and basics are sent out to explore the regions neighboring your lands.
Upon settling the new acres, the basics - having higher authority - are able to release from the military and build on the new land.. the reason for the loss of basics (basics were not given back after an explore)

Now, you send out citizens, defensive units, mules and compasses etc. and they all return? Based on the other theory - there technically wont be any defensive units to defend the new found land.. as they 'return'.. at least that's how I view it.

Dev Lord Iluros -


Now, you send out citizens, defensive units, mules and compasses etc. and they all return? Based on the other theory - there technically wont be any defensive units to defend the new found land.. as they 'return'.. at least that's how I view it.

I just don't see it that way I guess. For me, you send out your defense to secure the new acres that you are exploring and once they're added to your tribe they're covered by your total DPA as your other acres are and can be built on. It's the same way that your land comes in with your offense when attacking. Thus exploring becomes inverse attacking. Though the amount of defense needed is negligible until you become rather large.

Tommies -

Increase defence sent away during exploration.

D = 0.08 * L

0.08 is really nothing. Meaning at 2k land, exploring 300 acres, you send out: 48k defence(raw?mod?) What's 48k defence at 2000 land for an all def stacked province?? That's like 1/18-1/20 of total def sent away.

Double it to 0,16*L, then we are talking about a "slightly risk" when somone explores:)

Dev Lord Iluros -

Certainly increasing it is a possibility in the future.

But think about a 5k tribe. The amount of defense to send is much higher than for a 2k tribe.

For every 1% land you explore, you must send 2% of your total defense. Meaning sending half of whatever your total defense is to max explore.

Tommies -

Not a bad idea at all:D

HaRRy -

Amd I still in time to announce that bbtags is now allowed in elder message and mails? [:)]
Also added a little feature below the textarea I'm writing this in. It's not finished and might not fully work for you. But it's a nice start.

Player 2 -

Quote: Martel

Standard Attack
- Increase acres explored when attacking by 3x

What about barren grabs, it isnt fair, attacker want their land but they havnt got their share..

(not that im an attacker) but just wondering..

Dev Lord Iluros -

IMO with barren grabs instead of exploring land it should have greater niche usage, such as by seizing incoming as well as barren acres.

Player 2 -

But then... if you've got barren... why would you also have incoming? (makes little sense)

unless... its during time of war and theres dragons, thieves, blasphemies flying everywhere.

(maybe if your going to do that, make BG war only (or rename it into something completely different, and keep current BG))
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