Sneak Peek at Future Changes

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Martel -

Here's a little hint on what you could expect to see coming ages - Sticky: Sneak Peek.

Reason I'm not announcing the age 20 changes yet is so you can give your opinion on them!

Yay! (Actually I will not have time until saturday to start coding, but this is your chance to promote the changes YOU prefer [;)])


CBeast -

So are the light elve and balrog races being added? And if so can i see em??

bloodball -

it looks very good.

/me applaud to the coder team!

Dev Lord Iluros -

Light Elf and Balrog should be a priority to be added this age along with race tweaks, neither of which is shown in the sneak peek and so you wont get to see them until they're coded. The material in that post is mostly intact but may have some modifications.

Aunshi -

sorry im new to alliances at war, ive always played classic, i have a question i couldnt find the answer on the forums. when the new age starts does every one restart or do we continue with what we have currently? i saw the thing about no restarts, but i didnt know if that included with new ages.

Riders -

you continue with what you have currently, so no reset when the age starts, unless you want to

Aunshi -

ok thanks :)
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