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Dev Lord Iluros -

Below sums up some of the internal work HaRRy has done this age as well as some new material that has been coded thus far.

There will be another announcement with postings of race and other changes later.

[big]*HaRRy's list*

*Visual changes*
- Cleaned up the columns. Reply button and date are inside the message.
- You can now read mail directly from the inbox and outbox page.
- Able to set mail to "unread". Note that this only affects the inbox and not the outbox. This option can be handy for notes.
- Instant deletion of messages by clicking the red cross.
- bbcodes should now be working perfectly in mail.

Texteditor and bbcode
- Redesigned the whole bar
- Texteditor is now the same on forums, orkfia mail and elder message.
- Emoticons are now placed at the caret(the blinking thing)
- Tags are placed around selected text or at the caret when no text is selected
- Both emoticons and tags will be placed at the end if there is no caret position
- You can now select text anywhere on the page and press alt+q to get that text quoted.(or press the quote button)
- Added an [img="url to image"] tag
- Added 2 textfields in the buttonbar where you can write single and double tags that you like to use. Single you could add there are: "img=", "aatw"Double tags you can add there: "big", "small"(rest stays for staffHaRRy only)

- Long posts like this will now get their own scrollbar to avoid madness.(unless it's the first post)
- Topics can be put to archive to clean up the forums.(Already changed mid-age)
- Can now Quick-edit your own posts. And again you'll get a nice texteditor.
- Quick edit is as big(or a bit bigger) than your original post. Meaning it's a bit easier to edit/write long posts.
- After reply you will return to the topic.
- After edit you will return to the topic.(Tho we prefer the use of quickedit unless you also need to change the topic title)
- All links to the forum will hold increments instead of the postcount in that topic. Reason: When you copy an url it's nice to have it a bit more static.
- All links to the forum will stay working even when you remove a part of the URL.
- Replaced the "With tabs" button with the ability to use [code] tags.

- Self spells are shown on the left and have an "Instacast" button. When you click the button the spell will be casted in an instant. It automatically tries 10 times and stops on succes.
- Casted spells will show on the same page as from where you cast spells. Just click the button above the returned data to cast again.
- Casted intelligense spells will be stored inside the archives(alliance->archives)

- A new section where visions,flyovers,innersights,sneaks,recons,etc. will be stored and can be viewed by the whole alliance.
- Search by alliance number and you get flyover etc.
- After search alliance you can choose tribes in that alliance. Click those to get visions etc.
- You can also search for a tribe in the whole game to find their visions etc.

- At the start of the tick goods and citz will be visually refreshed.(between 1 to 5 seconds after tick)
- The Orkfian clock is far more precise even when you use the backbutton of the browser.
- Added a "hover" effect on a lot of rows that contain data.
- Textfields and normal buttons will be focused on as soon as the mouse hovers them. Testing it myself made me wish more websites would use this, especially handy while using my laptop's touchpad. It's an intended functionality! Please message me if it bugs you a lot.

- Pretty much all new things will load with "ajax" thus not refreshing the page but only a part of the page.
- All changes noted above won't do much to you if you haven't enabled JavaScript or if your browser does not support JavaScript.
- Don't worry about the text on the top right corner, it just shows whenever data is send to and from the server.
- While data is being sent you can not press any buttons to avoid people from requesting the same data 1000 times in a minute. This won't happen on automated features like clocksync and goods/citz update.
- IE and Opera users will have to miss a few nice effects that require RGBA colors.
- IE6 is excluded from testing. If anything is absolutely broken please message me.(or just get a better browser)
- For the ones interested, there is a functioning Orkfia API.

Player 2 -

Dude thats ownage

But.. besides my owning of HaRRY, there are some important things that HaRRy has to announce in this thread.

Beat you by 1 second. :P

HaRRy -

aargh you ****
I needed first post to actually write the age changes.
Too bad, no age changes for age 22 then.

*Edit*Ow, now they are posted by Iluros. Back to coding then...
*Edit*Note that these changes are not yet in the game.

Player 2 -

owned harry. :P

Halcyon -

such an anti-climax

Jamzi -

lol Lazy

Player 2 -

Now.. where have I seen that before. :D

SeaQueue -

LOL gw. Let's see some revolution in orkfia next age

CBeast - doesn't say templar clerics wetn from 5/4 to 5/3...does that mean they are now 5/10?

Player 2 -

That's harry's changes. The game changes are yet to be put up.

HaRRy -

Actually, this is an almost complete list of all changes next age.
Only 1 or 2 changes might be added. And afaik there were no priority calls on changing clerics.
So this age would be mostly visual improvements and bug fixes.
Going over the code I changed a lot of little things that aren't listed here. It's been busy enough [:)]

Tennessee Titans -

very nice

Iluros -


Well the race tweaks SHOULD be one of those two things, maybe the only thing if it has to be. If that is the case then I will also push for mid-age changes. Or, just not upload the new age until you're done. ;)

Pollito -

HaRRY you're Super Kewl...

CBeast -

Well, I think you should take my cleric suggestion very seriously- that would make it more of a risk for templars to attack with their clerics :P

Iluros -

Announcements have been updated.

Player 2 -

Well, I think you should take my cleric suggestion very seriously- that would make it more of a risk for templars to attack with their clerics :P

with 5/10 why bother attacking? ultra efficient explorers for life. :D
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