Mid-age 22 Changes

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Quote: HaRRy
Martel just uploaded some new stuff and I'll write down a few things that I remember I changed(been some weeks ago I changed/added things)

- Sell all buttons next to the goods. They should work for everyone.

- Removed external affairs and replaced it with a sort of dropdown when you click on tribes in the alliance.

- No more timebugs(I think)

- Added 3 new interfaces, experimental stuff. Should work best on newer versions of firefox and google chrome(safari too I guess) Some IE versions might show a little bug there so don't use experimentals if you use IE.

I've done some under the hood changes as well. Sorry that I haven't fixed everything asked for in the bugs report thread. Time is never plenty!

Please let me know what you think of experimental interface stuff, should we go on with that in the future?
New found bugs can be reported in the bugs thread.

Quote: Martel
There's also new code for all news events, most noticeable will the Global news be with links and new colors.
(So go to war ppl!) [;)]

I hope you will enjoy.

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oh yeah, new age starts in classic :D
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