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Age 25 Race Changes split to a new thread.

[big]Age 25 Changes[/big]
SaveThePenguins. [heart]



* 2 days to max a branch
* 5 days to decay to 0% (14.4 RPA per tribe = 25% max, takes 24 hours when everyone runs 30% labs. Decays completely after 120 updates).
* New feature of Economics:
-1% economics results in 0.25% reduction in military costs
* New feature of Warding:
-1% warding results in 0.25% higher population



* Starting up with no heritage/death bonus at 400 acres, you have a set number of units instead of money.
* Each race has individual numbers of units they start with.
* You are paused until you click the blazing, obvious “start now button” at the end of your protection period.



Destroys up to 2% of enemy farms and markets, and 10% of their labs, mines and yards.

* For every 1 farm destroyed, the attacker gains 1000 kgs of food
* For every 1 mine destroyed, the attacker gains 1500 cr
* For every 1 yard destroyed, the attacker gains 45 logs
* For every 1 market destroyed, the attacker gains 10 basics
* For every lab destroyed, the attacker gains 250 rps



* Lightning bolt: Set average to 0.1875%. Take unit size into account of the damage. Increase cost by 1.25x

* Meteor storm: Increase damage dealt from 0.5% to 1.25%

* Earthquake: Remove penalty to damage above 2000 acres.

* Efficient Mobilization: Gains are either: 0.125 - 0.75 % or 100 to (5000/relevant unit stat + 1 if zero) units

* Juranimosity reimplemented, War only, kills thieves.



* Four hour kick-in time in war. Kills still count towards the war, but no bonus for killing.



* Commandeer and Barren Grab 70% limits.



* Markets (Add): 1 market holds 100 def specs/thieves, 75 elites, or 50 off specs, filling up in that order. Maximum of 20% of your land can be built as markets.

* Walls/weaponries bonuses decreased from 2.5% to 1.5%



* New formula for increased tax production below 2000 acres
* New quota on resource farm



* Barracks fixed

All changes will be uploaded before Age 25 starts.


CBeast -

Do you know yet when this will happen?

Martel -

An announcement regarding the new interface will also be posted before age 25 begins.


Darkwing -

wow...some crappy changes there..... :S

TigerArmy -

1) I applaud staff for finally listening to us noobs when taking changes into consideration, I see several changes that the people have asked or called into speculation. Thank you!

* Walls/weaponries bonuses decreased from 2.5% to 1.5% --- Clarification, that means land gained/lost in attack and.. fireball damage? Or is it everything they are used for except basic off/def.

Dev Lord Iluros -

2.5% refers to the modifier to attack gains/losses. It wont apply to the other bonus (off/def bonus, since these are 1% to begin with), but other things that were 2.5% per land built as walls/weaponries will be downgraded to 1.5% as well.

TigerArmy -

Thats what I figured :)

Bloody Bart -

this is really good shit!

Corian -


WayHigh -

nice love it all !   :)

Fritz -

as far as interface goes

-don't like how forums not on the bottom anymore and my width is really narrow

-like the guide tab + advisors
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