New Market Interface

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Martel -

Removed everything unnecessary and combined some tables together, what do you like the results?

Also added a direct sell link to the menu, but I'm not sure it works on every browser. Do anyone not use Firefox here?


HaRRy -

he's asking for people not using ;)
using ie7 at work and it works fine, no reason why it wouldnt work.

Syrax -

looks great on opera, well done :)

Knife of Dreams -

using apple safari on mac os X - it works

AI - Dev/Mod -

actually, there is a reason, the only reason there's javascript for the menu is that IE wouldn't work without it ;)

HaRRy -

yeah but the extra button isn't extra javascript right? or is it 8-) I haven't checked it but it shouldnt be that much different from what there was.

HaRRy -

I don't want to put all my food on the market... but the switched buy and sell are a problem for me. I keep clicking on buy when I want to sell.

and you can just press 9999999999999999 in a box and then sell. No need to type exact amounts.

Martel -

Don't worry HaRRy, you'll learn it soon :)

HaRRy -

Have some sympathy for the slow learner :-(

DeekTeek -

works for linux kubuntu as well
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