Age 9 Final Rankings

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Martel -

Age 9 (780 - 863 OE)

King of The Hill
1. Final Countdown (#32) 42 years on top
2. [XNOX] (#92) 10 years on top

Largest Alliance
1. Final Countdown (#32) 67,190 acres (801 OE)
2. [XNOX] (#92) 48,657 acres (831 OE)

(780 - 821 OE) Final Countdown (#32) 42 years on top
(822 - 831 OE) [XNOX] (#92) 10 years on top

Congratulations to everyone who played this age, to both top alliances, and to the winner Final Countdown!

Sadly the age ended 32 years earlier than planned due to a bug, but as you can see [XNOX] would have needed all those years to get to a tie with Final Countdown :)

Thanks everyone for playing during age 9!


Vaspaoul -

Well i'm very upset the age ended earlier. i wanted to kill kota once more to be a kotarakkillingspree :(((. just joking he he he . btw kota don't be mad. it was the fun part, after we killed you everything was boring. so you bring the fun in orkfia
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