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Martel -

~ Game Changes, Age 12 Edition ~


New features:

- Self spells with duration left will not be replaced with less duration (age 11 request)
- Alliance spells (Heal) can be casted on your own tribe
- Heal removes Engineered Virus in addition to Pestilence
- Heal gives fame on succes
- Self spells have increased chance of success during the summoning period
- Thievery operations are no longer affected by defence sci: Tunneling (WAR ONLY), Boze and Arson
- Research is capped at 66% in all branches
- Inner Sight upgraded (visual upgrade)
- Fly Over can be used against alliances at war

Bugs fixed:

- Casting spells on dead/protected tribes no longer possible
- Research decay updates are no longer lost for new alliances

Visual improvements:

- The research page and graphics for the % bars upgraded
- The elect elder page shows elder and co-elder colors instead of *Elder* and *Co-elder*

All changes will be uploaded before age 12 starts, more may be announced.


P.S a new more fun, better, less bugged system research system for age 13 will be posted and discussed in the Game Talk forum.

Martel -

Added Change:

Fly Over can be used against alliances at war

Martel -

All changes have been uploaded to the game.


Martel -

Age 12 will last one regular life time minus a year (83 years) and ends year 1110 OE.

So you can wait with restarting until ~1 year before age start if you wish to peak at age end. Except Nazgul of course, with their extended life time.


Scarlet -

yeah, it's kinda dissapointing if your alliance had almost full sci to be dropped to 66%

I guess this will make Vaspaoul Happy lol

Scarecrow -

yeh fly overs during wars are stupid.

MingD -




Bolle -

@MingD: we have the same in our alliance... seems a bug.


yeah, it&#039;s kinda dissapointing if your alliance had almost full sci to be dropped to 66%

Actually it doesnt drop - these rps are still invested in it. You now won&#039;t have to invest for a loong time. You didnt lose any.
I dropped 50 300k citz, but thats none of a problem as everyone has that and I should&#039;ve watched. Changes were announced after all.

EDIT: engi bug I have it too. Engineering Bonus: +182,294 should be 266k.

Martel -

Engineering bug is fixed.

I&#039;ll look at the reported issues with the heritage bonus now.

Edit: uploaded a fix so that killed tribes should no longer get the heritage bonus. Those who got extra acres will keep them, the option is open to reset your account if you arrive without defence.

Jamzi -

Though as always there are naturally teething problems this is very nice work Martel..I like the links on the pages to the relevant guide sections too- nicely done!

Martel -

The guide has been updated with this age&#039;s changes, especially note that all research bonuses have been tracked down and published :)


Mu -

I wasn&#039;t able to heal myself of a certain engineered virus. Bug, or is this change not instated yet?

Demps -

Ditto on the self heal, can&#039;t rid myself of Pestilence.

LoneWolf -

Naturally. It caused those with 2/3rds full sci to be maxed and those of us with maxed to be knocked down to 2/3rds of what we had. Now everyone with 2/3rds has max sci. Talk about a waste of time and effort.

impy -

@LoneWolf - Not really. It&#039;s going to take a long time for your invested sci to get affected by decay while the allies with barely 66% is going to have to keep their sci up.

LoneWolf -

Actually our engineering is already dropping. It was a solid 66 with the rest at 100. Now its dropping around .5 per tick. I&#039;m trying to get an accurate tab on how much it&#039;s decreasing per tick but it&#039;s hard unless nobody attacks or gets attacked for an hour or two. :P

VorteX -

no offence but serves you right, youre in one of the &quot;new&quot; allis and decay wasnt even affecting you for some updates. if you reported it id have been sympathetic, but i guess now youll have to pump sci like everyone else!

Bolle -

LoneWolf finally feels like we all did for 4 months :)

MayaKuza -

i think the reasin the eng is droping is becus there eas nott that mutch RP&#039;s putt in to it afther it went to 66%. and now we are feeling it ^^

but it will go up fast :P and we will be 66% on all once more ^^

Joe -

Lol you say it like you&#039;re enjoying it :P

It&#039;s disgusting :P (no offence :P)

michelob -

Heal doesn&#039;t work on your own tribe. Program asks for tribe but comes back with &quot;select tribe&quot; if you use your own tribe.

LoneWolf -

New alli? Sorry but this alli has been here several ages now. I only took it over 3 ages ago and recruited people in. We had decay every tick just like anyone else but we ALL ran 20%+ labs, some even as high as 30% at ALL times. Not just during sci pumps. Thing is we had several tribes at 10k acres investing 1mil and more each life.

Know what you&#039;re talking about before making accusations.

MayaKuza -

@Joe 2008-02-04 21:32:42

Lol you say it like you&#039;re enjoying it :P

It&#039;s disgusting :P (no offence :P)


I don&aelig;t mind if it drops a bit. makes it interesting ^^ finely some change lol

VorteX -

some even as high as 30% at ALL times. Not just during sci pumps. Thing is we had several tribes at 10k acres investing 1mil and more each life.

*clap clap*

we were 4 in an alliance and 3 of us produced over 2.3mil rps each time. (over 30% labs and a lot of thieves for napa) yet sci was dropping too much... so yeah, bug, and dont even try to deny it, 1 mil rps WILL NOT even keep 75% of your sci, let alone keep it max for some ages when youre at big acreage.

*Edit* as proof, the sci one of our alli mates had after he died.. and he was one of the least who contributed:

XXX XXX 2,392,572 rps

Vaspaoul -

haha. even if all of the scinoobs turn up against me and kill me i&#039;m glad i did a good job and now everyone has decay. it&#039;ll be nice to see the max sce go to 40%. and then it&#039;s time to kill.
if anyone wants me dead kill me now while the respawn bug is still available.

Blue Impy -

Anyone who believes running &#039;as much as 30% labs&#039; gives you 100 66 100 100 needs to face the fact: there was a bug. It&#039;s fixed - which means no more BS sci.
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