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Martel -

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Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information. It's easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics. Join today and follow @AlliancesAtWar.

If you are you interested in the development of Alliances At War, what happens inside staff or maybe just like to know in before-hand what changes are coming up then you'd like to follow me on Twitter.

Maybe someone here is using Twitter already, or you've heard of it but never joined, but to give you a summary - basically it's a way to connect and share stories.

I'll try write weekly, if not daily, and on things mostly related to Alliances At War. Follow me, bookmark @AlliancesAtWar or find another way to keep up.

Maybe you or your alliance are using Twitter already? Let me know so that I can follow you too.

/ Martel
& Alliances At War Staff

HaRRy -

/me starts following @AatW

PlasticFork -

I don't do Twitter but I have piped the RSS feed into Google Reader which delivers pretty much the same results. I just won't be showing up as a follow...

Martel -

That's cool PlasticFork, I was looking for ideas on how to follow without having a twitter account. So there you go everyone, Google Reader might be an option [;)]

Martel -

Shared a preview of an updated construction page today and yesterday what we're planning for the Population Advisor.

Why not follow us today? Join Twitter or use a RSS feeder of your own choice [:)]

Martel -

With smart phones being really common, how relevant are rules about playing from the same IP-address really? about 4 hours ago
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