Age 41

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HaRRy -

Age 41 will start in several weeks and staff has some changes that will be added between ages 40 and 41.

The final list of changes is not yet ready, this post will be updated with exact numbers and features during the coming week(s).

The reason for this early message with not yet all changes listed is to inform players as soon as possible with changes that might affect their current race or race choice.

Age changes

Spells and operations
- Efficient Mobilization will be tuned down to 50% of its current gains.
- Fireballs and Poison Water will be tweaked to be a viable alternative to Dragons Mage and Arson for killing tribes. This means a higher minimum damage but based on size of tribes or max citizens.

- Defender losses on pillage will be reduced
- Offender losses on pillage will be raised

- Walls will stop producing thieves. A different bonus might be applied.

Bug fixes
Bug fixes are currently being applied to the live game. We will soon start with planned/fixed date-times for non critical bugs.

More to come...

~ Orkfia Staff

mazja -


rEdL|nE -

finally EM will be nerfed!!!

ScorpiAS -


Noobisher -


Michele -

Why not revert to old EM system? it was much better

lepel -

is there an old EM system??

Corian -

why not saying that from now on every Britt can restart his tribe as a different race cause now being Britt is useless and really a bad choice...

Guess which race i am and who i want to kill...

HaRRy -

@ Michelle. We changed it with a reason, old human spell wasn't good.
@ Lepel, figured it's about the old human race spell(not sure what it was called, pretty sure it wasn't EM)

@ Corian, Brits would even be good without EM and their wall bonus. The only thing that is hard with Britt is starting from low acres. But at low acres, you wouldn't have EM either.
If possible I would like a bonus for brits that helps the small brits. Free self spells (for example) would help [:D]

Pollito -


Para de morirte n00b [:D][heart]

Jolten -

Old Human spell was Mortality wasn't it?

Cecil -

had something with 5% bonus to pop growth thats all i remember

sanzi -

it was 5% off bonus, and the ability to kill immortals

on a side note: it looks like it's gonna take skill to be good from now on :P

Corian -

@Harry, what about +50% on eledian, lord n quanta for less than 1k acres??? seriously... i mean: not a perfect 50%... maybe a new spell that on success can increase those bonus on a ramdom basis (5-50%) from 1-10 ticks... would be nice...

and yup, sorry but Brits rn´t a choice now against WE or Spirits...

scarlo2 -

EM is a cool spell, and it's already coded, just needs to be toned down. Halving the gains seems a good place to start.

Noodle -

Yup Ill never be britt Really hurt Temps too

Kalten -

wat about nazguls cant u bring them back for a few ages?

Acwder -

just a heads up, the final age changes should be posted shortly (in a day by the looks of it).

Necros -

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