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Acwder -

Hi. The staff have for some time now resurrected the old staff meeting idea. We now have a meeting every 8th day.

To improve transparency I'm now posting the protocol from staff meeting #5. The discussion and possible sections of a delicate nature have been removed and I hope you guys understand why such a thing is needed.

1. Opening the meeting

Acwder declared the meeting open at 16:05 ST (March 1st, 2012)

2. List of people participating

Canadian, Bolle, Acwder, Robokop, Max, (Jamzi dropped by at the end)

3. Chose who is going to chair the meeting, who writes the protocol and such.

Acwder was chosen to chair the meeting etc

4. Decide on today's agenda

the meeting decided on the agenda below.

5. Reviewing the protocol from the last meeting

The previous protocol was reviewed.

6. Resort Reports

6.1 - Head(s) of Orkfia

6.2 - Law and Order

Was not present and didn't send in a report in advance.

6.3 - Operations

Nothing new to report - Sweets

6.4 - Development

Finished developing changes for age 44. Will be added to the staff-tracker before the end of the weekend. In age 44 we will have to keep track of how things turn out in-game.

Lots of 'big' things like heritage, market, war, science and tutorial are still to be respectively developed, coded, developed, developed, and developed.

6.5 - Coders

Happily coding away

6.6 - PR

waiting on resort

7. Follow up on decisions made in past meetings.

7.1 Staff Resorts

The creation of the staff resorts Dev, Coders and PR is still not sorted.

The meeting decided to let Acwder investigate the issue of creating resorts and come up with a solution.

7.2 PR Roles

Defining PR Roles, this has been postponed quite a few times.

The meeting decided to let Canadian, the head of PR to decide on the roles within his own resort and report about it once he has something to report.

7.3 Aatwards

Been a long time coming, what is the status?

The meeting decided to contact HaRRy for a status report.

7.4 Age Changes

What is the status of the current age changes?

The meeting decided to leave 7.4 and refer to the development resort report (6.4).

8. Other

8.1 Staff guidelines

The rules and guidelines for what a staff member should and shouldn't do is quite unclear.
Should for example a development staff member be allowed to delete forum posts?

The meeting decided to encourage Sweets to add more moderators.

The meeting also decided that no staff member other then moderators and head of resorts should do any kind of forum/tracker moderation.

The exception is classic “EM rants” and when intel (as per 4.1 of the CoC) is posted. Any staff member shall immediately delete posts of this nature AND send a complete report to LnO.

Idea for a solution in the future: Automate a staff post when someone deletes a public post with its content and stuff.

8.2 Staff meetings

Should we re-schedule the staff meeting for weekends only?

Next meeting is friday the 9th at 22:00ST, the meeting decided to wait until that meeting to decide on new dates.

8.3 domain status on the domain?

The meeting decided that Robokop will send Martel a pm on facebook regarding the domain transfer.

8.4 Orkfian mails

Policy on keeping old ingame mails

Is it really necessary to keep year old mail? Do we want the tribe stalking to be possible?

The meeting decided:
1. to delete all mail in the database that already got deleted ingame.
2. to delete all mail in the database that doesn't have an existent reciever nor sender.
3. to not touch staff mail
4. to announce on the announcement forum the deletion of mail older then 30 days on the start of age 44.
5. add a notice about it on the mail page too (mail older then 30 days may be deleted)
6. we don't want the tribe stalking to be possible

9. Closing the meeting.
The meeting was closed at 17:40 ST (March 1st, 2012)


Acwder -

I hope EM appreciates having a special kind of ranting named after himself;)

EM -

I'm going to design a spell or op for “EM Rant”..

Cecil -

its actually a spell/plan attack that floods ur opponents forum threads, and mailbox with EM spam

lasts 1-8 updates[;)]

D/M -

how exactly do you become staff ive always wanted to be a staff member[:D]

EM -

Hi my name is Mike, also known as EM, I use a very abusive language.

~Updated by Acwder.

EM -

^ see thats how you edit posts. just deleting them outright will just make me repost them.. in 100 more places.

Editing out my spam, without demeaning me and prompting more spam.

+1 to Acwder
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