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After a long ordeal and long times of waiting today it has come to it, I now have ownership of the domain. Because of some technicalities it might take a few hours for this to be working everywhere, in the meantime you can use

Acwder -


xiannic -

Of course, you can't read this unless you are already using [:p]

Awesome for sorting it out, once sorted does that mean will be in the URL bar instead?

robokop -

xiannic: yes that will be the case, within a few days i'll make redirect to (not yet though because that would break the whole game for people where the domain doesn't work yet)

Jolten -

0_o and why wouldn't it work for people?

robokop -

DNS (the way to get an address from a domain name) is a distributed system and does caching (memorize what address belonged to a name before) the amount of time this is cached varies from server to server, and since i don't know how long .com tld stuff keeps remembering is some swedish server and not a dutch one i try to keep on the safe side and wait a few days (although the transition is most likely within a few hours done)

Noodle -

yea Ive tryed to get here by using but it doesnt work, hadda google it to get back in here

[EM] -

Same here

[EM]duh -

Actually it's working for me now. Woot.

robokop -

you all should see in the url bar of your browser now (apart from the ones who use HaRRy's calc tool on

Skyz -

[:)]nice. It is faster,like 2 secs,which is alot at tics.[:)]

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