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Sweets -

HoR - Coding

Max' Orkfia career started around the time Orkfia was initially created. He began as a player and was hooked for life! When the game evolved to AatW, Max (as main coder) joined Acwder in the launch of 'Classic'. Max joined the coding staff on AatW mid 2011 and along side Acwder, has been trying to keep up with dev's demands since.

We enthusiastically welcome Max officially to the position Head Of Resort - Coding. Unofficially - Head of Sweets' hero team!

HoR - Operations

Sanzo started playing Orkfia in 2003, and joined ops staff on AatW mid 2007. Sanzo was integral to the initial launch of the AatWards in 2008. He joined the dev team in 2011 as advisor, and has recently returned to Ops.

It's with great pleasure we announce Sanzo as Head of Resort - Operations. You can expect to hear from him frequently, as he's eager to help insure everyone's AatW experience is a good one!

HoR - Law and Order

Sweets joined Orkfia late 2001 as a player. In 2004 she joined the R&D team under Ulysess prompting where it was determined that the maths and mechanics of Orkfia just weren't her forte.

She joined the LnO team shortly thereafter and assumed the HoR role there when Martel became Head Admin. Sweets co-wrote the current CoC and identified issues resulting in the development of procedures still used today in keeping AatW fair for all players. In 2007 Sweets moved to Operations and initiated the formal bootcamps. In 2008 she headed the team that introduced the first AatWards program.

Sweets is once again assuming the role of HoR - Law and Order (and looks forward to semi-retirement serving the most honest group of gamers on the internet!).

Smokey -

Props to everyone for their hard work!

Cecil -

Dev-Member, moderator

make random suggestions, concentrate as much admin hate from players into one target


nightbird -


Joe -

Hurray for Max, Sanzo and Sweets ;)

Sanzo -

Thanks guys (and Sweets) [:D]

h412ry -

hope u all guys can increase orkfia performance and increase the amount of player too.. :D

jammed -

an active L&O finally.

Sangez -

Sangez: Noobtard just hanging around sence 2006

Corian01 -

Congratz all of u :)

my3l00u -

btw how about robokop ?
hi corian [;)]

mazja -

Lol, congratz

Did i miss the election?[;)]

Sanzo -

There was no election.
ORKFiA is not a democracy

mazja -

You didnt recognize the sarcasm?

Damn, guess i hve been away to long, lol

Cecil -

still, i love sanzos response, it should be our motto

ScorpiAS -

sanzo for president!

Cecil -

pm at best[:p]

Pollito -

ScorpiAS, 3 hours ago

sanzo for president!

You mean Dictator [:D]

Cecil -

im the dictator

the others have at least a pretense of representing the people[evilgrin]
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