Age 53 changes

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VorteX -

if and when I can be bothered to play owl, I'll show why they are overpowered [:p]

Joe -

Pm me when you will so I know who to hunt ;)

VorteX -

def is overrated!

xiannic -

I has a plan.

Sanzo -

Owls are great at growing and not getting targeted to kill. That is all.
They lose A LOT if defense when they arson or do other offensive ops, so I would call their strength a trade off

Pollito -

WE are not great, were OWLSOME!

Hodor -


Bolle -

I've added the change to DM success rate:

from 20% to 23.5%.

This change should not be understood as a boost to mages, as its main effect is an increase in mages' weakness to eachother. Still, it is advisable for non-mages to consider using churches as mage defense rather than academies.

Fakesmile -


Halc -

who uses academies as mage def anyway [:p]

Plato -

not a single player atleast not in this game Halc

Cecil -

Dwarves have

Jay [J] -

I have a few points
-Can we add Thieves Trap to Truths Eye as long as we are adding things?
-I feel like there are way too many spells (35, 3 of which are intel) and only 18 (6 of which are intel) thief ops... just saying.
-Why are we making acads pointless for mage def? I think this is really just going to lead fewer people to play as mages because they have to pick safety over fire power.
-Maybe it would just be better to make Tunneling and Earthquake do more damage? As well as make Juranimosity affect Templar? My point would be reward people in war by giving them the chance to rebuild if they are active
-Or you could make a new spell/thieve op that does extra damage against mages/thieves? Thus still making TMs more vulnerable but not because they they had Acads vs Ch.

Halc -

tunnelling does enough dmg.. just ask any WMed DE

Cecil -

were not making acads pointless for mag defense, just making it more efficient for non mags to run ch/bast rather than equally high ml as mags

Jay [J] -

My point is if you're a mage and would like to live you are either going to have ML40 or run some CH which eats into guilds. At that point you have a few options, be powerful and die, suck and live, go thief, go templar and worry more about civ/acre. This would also ruin the eagle race..... To me the decision is easy join the owls and watch the DEs fall.

Sanzo -

Well this won't really effect mages anyway (they got good citz)
Only thief or attacker who chooses to run ML instead of CH

hardar -

As Jay pointed out, eagles are hurt with these as they are supposed to run acads and thieves.

Plato -

that can be fixed, give eagles theives def. points... sure they will have less defence 3 ticks when their theives are out, but it can let them run less elites in order to get the same base dpa. Henche more cits running the same tpa and dpa.

Jay [J] -

Hmm Plato has a point, it might spice up some more chaos but would easily be doable if you are smart about it. I do disagree with Sanzo though I think Mages are already killable as long as they are in war mode not turtle mode. If you want to have a convo about killing people in turtle mode that is a whole different thing and that I don't mind [evilgrin] Plus if you think a certain set of mages have to many civs why don't you just make them have less def per unit?

Halc -

because DEs suck enough as they are [;)]

Sanzo -

well i never said mages are unkillable, i just said they never get targeted cause they have much better citizen to military ratio compared with thieves and attackers :)

Cecil -

tell that to owls and temps

Jamzi -

nice changes and more importantly I really like the “professional” style of change implementation nowadays so we all know where we stand. Everything is clearly notified and in good time, it has been for a while of course but I just thought i'd say as I like it [:D]

rEdL|nE -

does it take longer til the new age starts?
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