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Sanzo -

Greetings, players!

Age 56 is over. Which means it's time for everybody's favorite (I hope) part of between ages time. Yes, that's right, the AatWards! [:D]

Thank you everybody for participating in the nomination process. If you are disappointed you don't see yourself nominated, then work on getting yourself nominated next age! Post more in the forums, get a better tribe name, etc!

This age we had a total of 14 nominees for Best Tribe Name. The winner of each poll of seven (7) will advance to a 24-hour poll which will determine the best overall tribe name. (So there will only be ONE winner when it's all said and done)

Without any further ado, here are your nominees:

Best Tribe Name (1)

BurnGingerBurn (#12)

R.O.B. (#16)
-All the Tribe Names are belong to us

-nice name

bug-abuse-cat (#24)
-just cause

Gas-Powered Flashlight (#32)
-I think it is hillarious

Return to Orkfia! button (#32)
-Because its awesome and creative!!

[YA] v=49k1EQdoMeU Peace (#33)
-it's simply the best, better than all the rest.

Best Tribe Name (2)

Guren SEITEN Eight Elements (#16)
-Code Geass is an amazing show. great machine to go with the theme

Foghorn Leghorn (#19)
-Used to love this guy when I was little

Slack on, Slack off (#22)

Wrong side of heaven (#26)
-its a really good name

Non alcoholic vodka (#32)
-It is truly pointless.

Sugar Bicycle (#32)
-Just imagine this

Relaxation Is Bliss ! (#125)
-Relaxtion, it truly is Bliss!

Best Banner

COUNTDOWN 2.0 (#24)

Broken image
-xmas cats so cute!
-they change it and i love cats
-No one else puts in that much effort

Best inventions (#32)

Broken image
-cat piƱata - socially relevent (given the #24 positioning) LOL
-we are the funniest
-This banner is win! Countdown pinata!

YouTube Addicts (#33)

Broken image
-it's simply the best, better than all the rest.

Most Evul Alliance

Machine Shop (#16)
-Only team to win wars vs CD. Won twice so far.
-Beep Beep, all must die

COUNTDOWN 2.0 (#24)
-They kill everyone!
-even though they are not number one, they are the alliance we all feel most proud of beating/killing still.. damn them..
-Most ruthless players in the game. They'll kill anyone for any (or no) reason
-I figure everyone else will nominate them, so I want to as well

YouTube Addicts (#33)
-They are simply the best, better than all the rest.

Best Alliance Theme

Machine Shop (#16)
-Robot Classic
-All the themes are belong to us
-The Machines are taking over!

Cartoon Junkies (#19)
-Finally nice to see a new theme :)

YouTube Addicts (#33)
-it's simply the best, better than all the rest.

Best Novice

[OG] Zhang Jiao (#17)
-3 kills in 2 days YAY
-Is a good teammate and is eager to learn

Birth Control (#32)
-he died, nearly rage quit but then decided to carry on anyway
-Got killed by 33 but is still playing! Keep on keepin on!

Most Effective Team Leader

Guren SEITEN Eight Elements (#16)
-because he's also awesome

Gypsy Danger (#16)
-All the kills are belong to us
-Best War Strategist in ORKFiA
-because he's awesome
-tanks dmg, always KTed, always survives still makes strats and does dmg.

Sugar Bicycle (#32)
-we can bet everyone but 24!

[YA] v=49k1EQdoMeU Peace (#33)
-She's simply the best, better than all the rest.

Best War

Machine Shop (#16) vs [OGI.I] (#17)
-The Christmas War - awesome report, very exciting comeback by 16
-The Christmas War - very difficult turnaround comeback victory for Machine Shop
War Report: The Christmas War - 16 v 17

Machine Shop (#16) vs COUNTDOWN 2.0 (#24)
-fun to watch
-Just read raam's war report. Enuff said
War Report: The Ultimate Showdown: 16 v 24

Machine Shop (#16) vs YouTube Addicts (#33)
-great fun war. could have gone either way with the slightest of change.
War Report: Frenemies - 16 v 33

Funniest Forum Poster

-He's simply the best, better than all the rest.

-This guy needs to lay off the grog

-The Ultimate Showdown - another good report very funny SportsCenter style
-All the War Reports are belong to us
-his war reports rock!

Most Active in Community

-He's simply the best, better than all the rest.

-always has good things to say

-Leave no thread untouched...

Most Helpful Poster

-He's simply the best, better than all the rest.

-When he isn't busy killing you, he's posting useful stuff.

-did not know how clock worked before he posted

Best Forum Post

-His very informative post on Templars

-Where in the world are ORKFiAns from? I never knew!

-Frenemies - 16 v 33. Best war report ever! loved point system and analysis

Best Debater

-He's simply the best, better than all the rest.

-She's cool.

-because he's always right
-He isn't always right, but proving him wrong is more effort than it's worth

Best AatWard Campaign

-He's simply the best, better than all the rest.

-great war reports keep coming

You may find the poll under the Society Tab, or by following this link:

Happy voting! [evilgrin]

P.S., Elders: If you are unhappy with your banner submission and wish to compete with another banner, mail it to me. But choose wisely, I will only allow the first banner sent to me to be included in this post!

Halc -

DW how do i become popular like you? teach me master [:$][cry]

Darkwing -

it is easy ....... just nominate yourself [;)]

Sanzo -

get nominated doesnt equal popular. you need to be popular to win the award though [;)]

Sanzo -

Ok everybody, as promised there is now a tiebreaker poll for Best Tribe Name.

So please don't end this one in a tie as well [:$]

Vote now:

Pollito -

I'm done voting, I was robbed from my Award!

Jamzi -

lol polly :P

How do I nominate for age 57? :)

mazja -

Wouldn't it be great if we can just click on the tribe/alliance and have the option to nominate?????[;)]

CBeast -

Yes mazja, I think that was the best suggestion of the age. I nominate you!

Jamzi -

heheheee yes that would actually be really good (/me goes to read suggestions and [up] )
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