AatWards Age 56 Winners

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Sanzo -

Greetings, players! My sincere apologies for the delay.
I hereby announce your AatWard winners:

Best Tribe Name
Guren SEITEN Eight Elements (#16)

Best Banner
COUNTDOWN 2.0 (#24)

Most Evul Alliance
COUNTDOWN 2.0 (#24)

Best Alliance Theme
Machine Shop (#16)

Best Novice
Birth Control (#32)

Most Effective Team Leader
[YA] v=49k1EQdoMeU Peace (#33)

Best War
Machine Shop (#16) vs COUNTDOWN 2.0 (#24)

Funniest Forum Poster

Most Active in Community

Most Helpful Poster

Best Forum Post

Best Debater

Best AatWard Campaign

Admin Honorarium

Congratulations winners! And a big thank you to everybody that participated in the nomination and the voting process! [:D]

You can see the results HERE on the Galley Page

If you disagree with the results or think you should have been nominated, well then I have some good news!
We are now collecting nominations for Age 57! AatWards:

Have a great age everybody! And don't forget to send in your nominations! [:D]

hardar -

I didn't win any ! This game sucks !

Awards makes me want to leave the game !!

Pollito -

Yeah I know what you mean

Jamzi -

ty [heart]

Sanzo -

You're very welcome!
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