AatWard Age 57 Nominees

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Sanzo -

Greetings all! Poll for Age 57! Yes, 57 is up for the next three days!
Thank you to all who participated, here are your nominees:

Best Tribe Name

Gamefreak (#16)
-Pokemon is the best

Los Pollos Hermanos (#16)
-Cooking Meth and still has time for an AAW victory.

Slackopath (#22)
-creative name. its about time someone from #22 had that!

Name of my Tribe (#29)
-Better then Darkwing

The rise of SvenneBalle (#34)
-Killed and has rebirthed, beware the rise of SvenneBalle!

Popcorn sorter (#37)
-A total worthless invention

Steering Wheel Table (#37)
-Here's a wreck waiting to happen.

Best Banner

[OG] Ducks (#17)
-Love the sleepy duck!

COUNTDOWN 2.0 (#24)
-Updated regularly and sends me into cat-astrophic fits of laughter

Best Inventions (#37)
-Good theme

Most Evul Alliance

Machine Shop (#16)
-Corporate sees much evil in them

SlackCamp (#22)
-These guys just want to watch the world burn

YouTube Addicts (#33)
-They win alot of wars

Best Debater

-A new challenger has appeared!

-Delivering Verbal Beatdowns since 2003

All of the other categories have been decided with exactly one nominee each, who all will take home the gold [1st]!
This poll will be open for THREE DAYS so hurry up and vote.

Don't see your name up there? Want some shiny medals right now! Nominate for Age 58! Poll will be in one weeks time [:D]

Please send all nominations HERE:
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