AatWard Age 58 Winners!

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Sanzo -

Thank you everybody for participating in the AatWards! Now, without any further ado *drum roll* here are your Age 58 Winners!

Best Tribe Name
Shallow Be Thy Game (#22)
Rage-Quit-Flavor Ice Cream Cat (#24)

Best Banner
COUNTDOWN 2.0 (#24)

Most Evul Alliance
SlackCamp (#22)

Best Alliance Theme
Best Inventions (#37)

Best Novice
Slackbird (#22)

Most Effective Team Leader
Lord Slackalot (#22)

Best War
COUNTDOWN 2.0 (#24) v. Best Inventions (#37)

Funniest Forum Poster

Most Active in Community

Most Helpful Poster

Best Forum Post

Best Debater

Best AatWard Campaign

Admin Honorarium

Congratulations winners!

Staff gives special thanks to Chonka for his continued efforts towards creating a mobile app [:D]

AatWards can be viewed on the THE GALLERY PAGE

Now since that is over with, we are now collecting nominations for Age 59!

Cecil -

I would like to thank all my supporters, my bribes/ threats/ and or sexual favors were well placed

BiltesKrieg -

I'll win it next time! ;)

It was a very active competition that award though.
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