Get ready for age 65 Aatwards!

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Mazzy -


Sanzo -

vote people

Jamzi -


Mazzy -

Silly me did not realize that we were at the end of age 65 already. Nominations will roll for age 66;)

Pollito -

You guys are basically twisting my arm here [:D]

Cecil -

Can we do a vote for most inactive?

Mr Slipperzzz -

then mazzy wil win the vote

Reyes -

Nah sanzi or me got this sh*t downpat for most inactive ay sanzi [;)]

Cecil -

Sanzi only pretends to be inactive, lepel, now that's inactivity

Mazzy -


Mr Slipperzzz -

Abouit inactiveity, I just read this topic. [:|]
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