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Moderator Jamzi -

Now the “ToDo” list we were working on is old news, to still keep you informed of the general plan we are working towards (with a lot of help from many of you), please see below summary. It's not exhaustive as there are also a lot of general improvements (mobile and UI work) going on too. Also, as you may be able to imagine from the discussions we have on these forums, it takes a lot of working, reworking +discussing before anything becomes a reality so no guarantees. In addition, we will be keeping an eye on your suggestions in Suggestions Forum too for new ideas but the headline points we are aiming for at the moment are here:

Age 69 (starting around 15th Sept?):
* 4 week ages - further consideration
* further race adjustments
* race rotation of 1-3 races
* monster
* alliance size reduction to 8
* some change I don't know yet but possibly taken from the rest of Bolles original plans or the players suggs, eg. blessed race suggestion
* some more weird tribe news + orkification of text added
*explores should take 1 hr less time with 20% growth sci, same for thievery with combat (see suggestions summary)
(tutorial for DE, Spirit and Viking to be ongoing side-project - aim to be ready for the three submitted for coding in September)
*LnO Guidance for staff posted in LnO Forum
Age 70 (starting around 15th Oct if we did the 4 wk ages or around end of Oct otherwise)
* Update of available AatW Awards
* Check of Tools/Calcs available
* Races rotation of 1-3 races + adjustments as necessary of those 3 races (other races should be OK by now and aimed to be left alone if possible to get some stability so only returning races are changing from now on)
*Further check of player CoC with any changes uploaded.
* Check of bootcamp system and any refining necessary

(tutorial would also be released to Devork during age 70 for testing)
(staff marketing thread to be condensed into a plan of the best+most practical ideas with help from willing volunteers)

Age 71 (starting around 15th Nov or end of Nov)
* tutorial released to the game
* race rotation as routine now
* check of guide/wiki/tools
* pictures in game for the races we have tutorial for
* drop down box added upon new/restarting tribe for attacker/mage/thief choice
* some change for existing players (possible something not suggested yet but that will be between now and then)
*advertising/recruitment begun

Age 72 (starting around 15th or end of Dec)
- By now we should have been promoting the game (we have a separate thread we are collating ideas from previously archived threads, messages etc., in staff forum), have a fully working tutorial and active players should be 100+ people by the end of this age.
- start weekly updates on the game either in forum or some coded thing or orkfia times type thing (a better version of what I do for trivia, it should be quite short and take information from the game automatically or manually)
Age 73 (starting 15th or end of Jan)
By now we should have a set-up +routine that works so we should try to future-proof the set-up a bit (by writing short guides for staff in all the areas for example, coming up with a plan of what could happen if key staff members disappear), possibly switching coding to GitHub so we can make it easier for Orkfia to continue if existing staff need a break. Coz we probably will do by then [:D][heart]
* also it would be good to have pictures throughout the game by this time or at least be working on it for the following age.

Gits -

If we are going to be doing 4 week ages. Does that mean we are going to start at a higher acreage?

Because 4 weeks for growth and deaths and respawns aren't enough to get good heritage.

Moderator Jamzi -

could do, what do you suggest?

Del -

Gits wouldn't that only apply to hard resets at ages? I don't think player resets at age end is coming [:|]

Gits -

Well, somewhere I saw someone suggest if we were to go down to 4 weeks we, start at a higher acreage upon death, start or w/e, why I ask.

The heritage was supposed to be on top of the starting acreage if you die of age of course which has nothing to do with Hard Resets Del.

Del -

Didn't see that one :x - I'll leave that for someone else. [:p]

Bolle -

Gits is right.

I'd suggest start at 1k with doubled military.

EDIT: actually at the same military attackers might become more relevant?

Gits -

if we start with same military OPA/DPA needed will be changed to what its been I think usually 300-400

Bolle -

250 DPA is standard. But it's actually an amount of crowns to be spent with a set minimum dpa in case the units are too expensive (see dragon). DPA could then go to 125.

Increasing size is actually already detrimental to explorers (higher relative explore cost).

Crapsalot -

takes 4 weeks to get some races actually humming...4 weeks is to short in my estimation...

Gits -

Yup, i agree with the Crapper

Reyes -

So go in the middle say 5 weeks and 800-1k acre start with military equivalent to 275dpa?

Bolle -

There's a game talk thread dedicated to discussing this part of the behind the scenes.

Crapsalot's argument assumes it's about 4 week lifetimes. That is one option which, as he correctly concludes, would require race changes.
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