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Expected end of the current age is: Sunday 2016-08-28 18:00:00.

Age 81 will begin around 48 hours later, this is a manual process still, we will make another announcement nearer the time with further timing details.

This age, as per our long-term plan, we tried to leave the game-play alone in the main (since we now started up marketing again and hope to have a period of stability for a couple of ages). Work has not stopped though and we now started our shift in focus to things that will help keep the game running behind the scenes such as improving staff tools and tidying up.

Behind the scenes/UI changes:
LnO/Ops tool improvements including a new tool to automate the process of searching for inactive tribes and placing them in the graveyard after 14 days (requires a human to spend about 2 seconds, previously it took an hour or more each age and was quite a dull tasks which as a result meant it was done quite infrequently).

Resets trial is over and is considered successful – we are now a resets game again for the foreseeable future.

Attacks will be added to The Guide that is linked with the game code and removed from the Wiki, just like Ops/Spells currently. (work on this is currently in progress and so may not be there for Age start but that’s what we are aiming for).

Makeover on the game visual design/logo (this has been in progress for a few months, testing on this is currently in progress, so far so good but if any problems are found this may postpone to age 82).

Suggestions forum was cleaned up, staff (especially Scarlet - thanks Scarlet!) went through all the suggestions accumulated there over the past (5+?) years, marking some to be added to the game. This forum is now in use as the primary method of new ideas for the game, increasing visibility between players/staff of how changes are made and hopefully spreading the load of development across all interested players/staff, rather than just one or two individuals in staff. This should also result in more fully developed ideas. If you have a suggestion/comment – please use the forum :)

Gameplay changes :
• Market Auto-Trading (a mechanic from Infinity) will be disabled.
• New random events (tribe news added)
• New underdog/gangbang protection added called Vigilance, effects are described below

- Stacking up to 3 times. Resulting in +15% defence and -15% gains.
- Incoming successful attacks increase level of vigilance.
- An outgoing attack removes all levels of vigilance.
- If not attacked for 8 hours all levels of vigilance are lost
- One stack of vigilance lost every 4 hours.

- each level of vigilance gives 5% increased defence, and results in 5% fewer gains from targets of a larger size.

- Does not apply to targets you are at war with.
- Cannot be removed by Magical Void
- Current vigilance level shown in tribe page & vision (Normal,Low,Moderate,High)
Vigilence level will be shown on Vision/Tribe page.
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The Wiki will be updated during the between ages time.
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