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Jamzi -

We don't have the age start time yet but it is likely to be Friday/Saturday/Sunday. More info will follow soon and I'll send an in-game mail when we know too, thanks for your patience!

ScorpiAS -

Is it possible to have a reset in the game so that new alliances can be formed and some basic race starts can be tested?

Jamzi -

not as far as I know but will ask Max as yeah that would be good - thnx

ScorpiAS -

Thanks alot for the reset!

Jamzi -

yes indeed thanks Max!

We expect Age 82 first tick @ 19:00ST Friday [up]

max -

Age 82 has started.

Happy bug-hunting [:)]

dagyrox -

um, kinda not cool kicking off earlier than announced. People planning irl stuff around it :(

Kelvin -

First tick is still's been like this every round for some reason instead of saying round starts at 18.00 :P

dagyrox -

oh....then we need n ork dictionary.

Sanzo -

Global News
Time News Item
yesterday Age 82 first tick is expected @ 19:00 ST Friday 30th September!
Server Time: Fri 30 Sep, 18:35:07

And it's on the main (login) page too!

Jamzi -

well the game is tick based and max tells me to say first tick specifically because there is no tick when the game starts.. just the game starts (for example it could start 18:10 or 18:55 or whenever max presses the button) but the first tick is always the first time the hour changes over after the age is started and is at a specific time, in this case first tick is expected (another word max taught me to use here ;) ) at 19:00St and we are still on course as planned!

However not everything is as planned as we think something went wrong with uploading the new theme and now it doesnt appear to have happened [cry] so yes you can bitch at me about that instead [up]

dagyrox -

lol, not bitching, and i take it back, you are correct, sorry. In my mind, when we say first tick is 19:00, i'm thinking the game starts any time during 19:xx. i apologize.

and yeah, didn't notice new theme, but also didn't care. game stays the same regardless of theme, to me atleast. I'm not like a certain artistically red colored long, narrow mark that calls staffers names [:p]

Jamzi -

nahh i do see what you mean as i was exactly the same with Max but i thought that was just me being thick :D The first announcement i did when i joined staff mixed up ticks/age start as i had never really thought about it until Max (very patiently!) explained it to me.

Next age i will try and phrase it better, at least now i have 4 weeks to think of a snappy way of saying “Age starts sometime between 18:00 and 18:59:59 and first tick at 19:00ST” so let me know if you have a good way i can say it!

Sorry to report that indeed the new theme has to come next age too... Hardar had worked his bum off to get the final details done on time and Max too with his things and it was all ready but we just forgot one crucial point to take it from one part of the test server to another. The good news is that at least we had separate areas in the server so thanks to Hardar and Max for keeping things less risky + game ruining in that way! At least now we have another month to really REALLY test it too :D

Happy New Age anyway![heart]
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