Age 84 Changes

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Scarlet -

Age changes this age include a rework of war damage and surrendering, various race changes, an update to barracks, and out of war kills in global news.

War Damage
War damage has changed from 50% at start, 100% at 8 hours and 150% at 24 to increasing linearly by 5% each hour. Surrendering before 24 hours will incur a fame penalty on the surrendering alliance, decreasing over time: 15% at 18, 10% at 20 and 0 fame at 24 hours. After 48 hours a war will automatically end.

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Race Changes
Adjustments to space efficiency on select races, and updating the racial traits on Dark Elf and High Elf.

Hammer Smasher: 600cr -> 475cr
Stone Thrower : 0/7 700cr --> Mortar Team : 0/6 600cr
Grey Beard: 7/4 950cr --> 7/3 850cr

Dark Elf
New Trait:
“Selfish”: Cannot cast alliance spells on allies.

Emesen 3/1 400cr -> 5/0 500cr
Vendo 0/5 400cr -> 0/7 700cr
Anekonian 2/8 1100cr -> 5/7 1000cr

Sprite 0/1 100cr --> 0/0 100cr
Fairy Godfather: 0/8 800cr --> 0/5 450cr
Fay Queen: 3/6 1050cr --> 0/9 1000cr
Nymph: 0/2 300cr --> 0/1 250cr

High Elf
Trait Changes:
Immortality: All units are immortal in combat
Vanity: Each point of fame gives 0.002% damage dealt and land gained on attacks, and 0.002% reduced magic damage from enemy spells.

Dimwit: 1/0 -> 0/0
Mugwump: 4/3 750cr --> 5/6 800cr
Snollyhoster: 0/1 150cr --> 0/2 250cr

Mori Hai
Goblin: 6/0 700cr --> 6/0 625cr
Axe Thrower --> Engineer
Ogre 5/4 900cr --> Mountain Ogre 5/5 900cr
Assassin 2/1 225cr --> 0/2

Phantom: 2/0 200cr --> 5/2 550cr
Poltergeist: 2/6 800cr --> 0/5 500cr
Ghoul: 3/3 750cr -> Banshee 2/7 850cr

New Flavour Text:
Barracks are the logistical backbone of your military. Aiding in the training of new troops and organizing soldiers to perform military, and non military duties. They also house the military’s mages, and informants. In times of war they are filled with military units preparing to fight.

Each barrack holds
MP and TP equivalent to ¼ guild and ¼ Hideout
Hold 70 military units and the normal 10 citizens
1% barracks result in:
- Decrease cost of training, and building by 0.8%
- Battle losses reduced by 1%
Maximum 25%

25% results in:
- 20% reduced training cost, and building
- 25% fewer combat losses
- 6.25% guilds and 6.25% HO’s


Some early comments:

Whats the reason for the changes to Eagle elite? Seems counter intuitive when def specs have been boosted to only have the elite become the same. We know Eagles will now just train def specs and not even look at elites (be it old / new)

Are we trying to have Eagle be viable as attacker / mage, ie elite & def spec army?

Mori Hai

Assassins lost their edge! Why the change to 0/2? This was previously the natural offensive supplement to that attacking army.

vrtx -

What was the point of more efficient offense specs for TM[:|]

Scarlet -

Eagle off spec change relates to prepping something for next age.

Mori hai elitespec might have to go to cheaper or more efficient, but Mori hai and barracks I see being friends.

dagyrox -

why were dwarfs def dropped? i can't find anything in suggestions regarding dwarfs. Did i miss something? Did we all vote on this?

Scarlet -

Reasoning for off spec efficiency increase on T/M is in regards to a suggestion made that is most likely coming age 85.

Reasoning for dwarf change is to make their offensive specialist a better option, and account for the introduction of barracks.

d0nc35 -

With this eagle strat, i feel like as viking or raven. [:|]

Sanzo -

Yo who started the age without me?!

dagyrox -

Ur mom[evilgrin]

Sanzo -

Wha 'chu say about my momma?!

dagyrox -

Had her over the other night. After play time, we got to talking and decided to start the new age with out you. She thought it'd be too much to have play time with her son too. [evilgrin]
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