Age 87 Changes

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Scarlet -

Most power gained, and Most Hostility gained per tribe added to age records, and statistics page
MOTD page is gone (you login to your tribe page), and elder message is now shown on the tribe page.

Death & Late Starts
Reset/Late Start
increased to 75000 crowns per tick elapsed

If( Old Land > Old land * 0.12 + Reset value) --> Gain: Old land * 0.12 on restart.
increased to 80000 crowns per tick elapsed

Science (per 1% science)
1% increased citizen regen (down from 2%)
0.6% reduced crown cost to explore (up from 0.5%)

0.8% chance to elude (up from 0.5%)



Now reduces magic damage taken by 1% per 1% churches

Guard Houses
Now reduces thievery damage taken by 1% per 1% guard houses

Multiple wars
When in multiple wars, can surrender any war but the newest once it reaches 12 hours for free.

Additional 0.3 power gained per academy,hideout,guild, or barracks destroyed.

-Arsenic grants additional 3 hostility per success
-Spells and operations grant 0.5 hostility per successful op (up from 0.2)
-Decays at 10 hostility per tick (from 5)
- Hwighton Raid & Enforced Honesty grant no hostility

Hit N Run
Will now read proper losses in news.

Clear a Perimeter
1 log per 25 offence sent

Hwighton Raid
Damage not reduced outside war

Arsenic Infusion
0.05% offence killed (up from 0.03%) and slightly easier to cast

Enforced Honesty
Damage not reduced outside war

-costs 10 mana per cast
-slightly harder to cast

Black Rider ..... 2/0 ........ 200cr ........ (from 5/0 375cr)
Numen ............. 0/6 ........ 575cr ........ (from 0/6 600cr)
Wraith .............. 12/12 ... 2000cr ..... (from 1800cr)

Hammer Smashers now mine 2 crowns per tick
Mines hold 50 citizens and produce 10% increased crowns (from 20% increased production)
Grey Beard ....... 8/2 ...... 850cr ......... (from 7/3)

Archpriest ......... 0/5 ..... 525cr ......... (from 450cr)

Now have +25% ambush gains

Apprentice ........ 0/0 ........ 50cr .......... (from 1/0 100cr)
Magician ............. 0/0 ....... 250cr ....... (from 1/0 300cr & Illusionist)
Now 25% increased RP production (from 20%)

High Elf
0.003% magic damage reduction per fame (up from 0.002)

There were a number of UI improvements lined up but I was out of commission last weekend. So they'll be bumped to next age. (sowwy)

Edit: had templar unit cost change backwards

Gus Fring -

Confirm how GH and CH's work. If it's only 1% damage per 1% building they reduce it's kind of useless. Do they still stop 2% ops per building?

Gus Fring -

never mind. I see the guide has been updated. SO CH and GH still give 2% protection from ops.

What about the dwarf 2 tick building time. Is this minimum or can this be reduced to 1 tick with science?

Gus Fring -

Whats up with Arsenic Infusion?

0,05% off troops killed?
from 0,03% to 0,05% and from hard to easy?

This should be a war only op or atleast damage reduce OOW.

Nazzy running 150k leets will destroy 100 leets per succesfull op.

2-3 thieves working together can easilly kill 5-10k leets each 24 hours.
Thats 10-20 milion crows.

To me seems overpowered.

Fergx -

Just a risk you are going to have to take playing nazgul again [up]

Jolten -

Should have been the nazgul that hit me when I was in full warmode and lost 25k elites in a single lightning bolt session

Gus Fring -

I just think it's weird to give thieves the ability to arsenic, and ambush to kill troops. Both OOW ops. Msges have LB also OOW. And for attackers they have BC war attack only. Can't target a TM as attacker as in killing thieves or mystics.

Fergx, it's not just nazz. It goes for any attacker.

Anyway. Good job on the rest of the changes [up]

Sanzo -

-costs 10 mana per cast

So when I'm 10k full WM I can now cast poison 1,000x instead of the normal 100x?

Doc -

Gus, every age thieves and mages and black ops will get stronger, one way or another. Trust me, don't bother
commenting on it.

Scarlet -

@ Sanzo that is the base cost. Apologies. If I recall it will be ~25% more. Will double check.

@Gus it isn't “easy” I'll check what the guide says is easy.

Old guy -

Why are there added changes from the first draft? The added changes do not look like they were balanced all that well.

Scarlet -

Which first draft are you referring to? These changes are in a Google doc. If you wish to contribute to the process let me know!

And I didn't want to nerf nazgul this much personally.[cry]

@Gus fring
Still gotta look into arsenic for ya

Jolten -

Me and Sanzo were the cause of the nazgul change. They're still a very good race.

The dwarf changes appears to have been tweaked so I can't comment on them

Sanzo -

Concerning Nazguls:
1 - Their off spec last age was too cheap and efficient, enabling them to jump to the top of the ranks on day 2. This needed to be changed
2 - Nazgul still have far and away the best defense in the game. They can pretty much only be attacked when they send out. I don't think many can hit 400-500DPA.
3 - Nazgul efficiency is still ridiculously good. Compared with Uruk (which I personally think are the best attacker race), Nazguls need less than half as many units for the same OPA & DPA.

Nazgul are still very good. All we did was slow them down.
They were a problem last age and weren't working as intended, slowing everybody down to a stop.

Gus Fring -

What you are currently doing to nazz makes it even easier to play the race. Because when I was top nazz after 2-3 days(together with Doc) we ran out of raid targets.

Now you slow nazz down, but that only means they have more raid targets to choose from, meaning they get a lot more money and land .

It would have been better if you let the off spec and leets cost as they were and not double the raid land gain but make it like 50% or 75%. because afterall it's the raids that give the nazz a jumpstart.

Smikis -

no offspecsts = no raid early, no raid early, nazguls never grow.. only way for nazguls to raid now is to suicide and even then it will be incredibly hard for them, nazguls are dead this age

Kappa -

How does infrastructure research interact with churches/ghs?
The wiki says: 1.00% increased effectiveness of Churches & Guard houses.

With 0 infra research,
25% churches -> 50% spells blocked + 25% spell damage reduction

Does this mean with 50% infrastructure research,
25% churches -> 75% spells blocked + 37.5% spell damage reduction?

And how does the damage reduction stack with war bonuses. If your target's spell damage reduction is 25% and your war damage is 125%, is the net damage output 100%? Or 93.75%?

max -

Does this mean with 50% infrastructure research,
25% churches -> 75% spells blocked + 37.5% spell damage reduction?


And how does the damage reduction stack with war bonuses. If your target's spell damage reduction is 25% and your war damage is 125%, is the net damage output 100%? Or 93.75%?

It is 93.75%.
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