Age 90 Changes

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Sanzo -

Greeting players. Here are your age changes, subject to last minute modifications if deemed necessary. Apologies for the delay.


Tribe Page order change. Is now:

Race ------- Fame
Citizens --- Military
Mage Level - Strength
PPA -------- TPA
OPA -------- DPA
Barrens ---- Total Land

Other Changes

1. Tribes no longer lose their market credits/records when defected.
2. Now possible to buy resources needed for explore on explore page


If any of the following conditions are met, Truce is possible:
- Both participating alliances have at least 25% Power
- An alliance has a multiple war

Otherwise Truce cannot be offered.

War Spoils
Surrendering is available from hour 18, same as now.
Surrendering a war at any time in war costs 15% fame, rewarded to enemy alliance.
Winning a war yields fame and research bonuses based on the amount of power accumulated during the war.

OOW invasion penalties
1. No fame awarded for attacking into or attacking out of a war. (War ---> OOW) and/or (OOW ---> War)
--- a. Not including fame lost on retreats
2. Battle losses increased by 2%
--- ie. Standard will be 4% + 2%, Commandeer 0.6% + 2%, etc.
3. 2hr increased General rest time, even on retreats


New building: Temples

Maximum 25% Temple allocation
1 Temple trains 1 Priest per month
Priests are military units with no offense or defense, can be released on military releasing page
1 Priest Per Acre (PPA) increases raw offense and raw defense by 1%
1 Priest Per Acre (PPA) increases Farm, Mine, and Yard production by 2%
Maximum 10 PPA allowed. (Once 10 PPA is reached, Temples halt Priest production)

1% Churches blocks 3% spells ---> 2.5%

Guard Houses
1% Guard Houses blocks 3% operations ---> 2.5%

Add: 1% Walls decreases building damage taken on destructive attacks by 1% (on Raze, Crusade, Pillage)

Add: 1% Weaponries increases building damage inflicted on destructive attacks by 1% (on Raze, Crusade, Pillage)


All branches can now be maxed out
15 RPA to max out each branch ---> 18 RPA

War Research
30% Military returns 1 tick faster from invasions (min 1) ---> Military & Thievery return 1 month faster (minimum 2hrs)

Growth Science
@30% exploring is 1 tick faster (min 1hr for Eagle)

Add: Politcal Science Branch
- 2.00% increased TP/MP burned with Hwighton Raid & Enforced Honesty (max 100%)
- 1.00% reduced fame lost from all incoming invasions (max 50%)
- 1.00% chance to negate effects of Pestilence and Engineered Virus (max 50%)
@ 30% - 10 new acres settled per month

Dark Spells

Lightning Bolt
0.125% units killed ---> 0.2% units killed

Wrath of XENE
Add: 2% Temples destroyed

Black Operations

Thieves Rebellion
Add: 2% Temples destroyed

Race Spells

Add: 2hr basic training time when spell is active

Roar of the Horde ---> Saruman's Wrath
Change name to Saruman's Wrath
Add: Negates Fountain of Resurrection (Orks FoR is not negated, enemy tribe's FoR is negated)

Mortality ---> Outrage
Change name to Outrage
Add: 1hr shorter general rest time in War (against Warring alliances only)

Pestilence negates/overrides all other growth effects, except for Matawaska River and standard growth (Pestilence cannot be neutralized by brood and/or growth sci, resulting in -5% growth for non-cursed with Matawaska, -15% growth without Matawaska)


Remove: Vigilance

See OOW invasions penalties

Blasphemy Crusade
Kills 5% of Mystics & Thieves ---> 10% of Mystics and Thieves

Military Exercises

Martial Law
1% blocked per 10 raw OPA sent ---> 1% blocked per 5 OPA sent

Race Changes

Remove: Uruk Hai
Add: Oleg Hai

Oleg Hai
Also known by the common name of “trolls”, the Oleg Hai spawn warriors bred for battle. If that weren't bad enough, they easily regenerate from Destruction-charged violence, which makes killing a troll for good something of a legendary feat. Naturally greedy, they sometimes overextend to conquer and dominate. Fortunately for them, harpies provide the brains behind the brawn, when they can be found and bribed at least.

Racial Abilities
2 generals (can send out 2 separate armies)
Sending both generals gives 115% off, 130% land gains, 130% damage
Harpies are a mercenary unit. Harpies can be trained instantly from citizens. As much as 40% of total population can be train as Harpies. Harpies disband after 4 months after benig trained. As the tribe expands, Harpies are less expensive.
Immune to Lightning Bolt and Arsenic Infusion.

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Gnome 0/0 50 cr
Off Wolfrider 9/0 1,000 cr
Def White Skull 0/6 550 cr
Mercenary Harpy 4/3 400 cr1
Thief Thief 0/0 300 cr

1 Harpy price = MAX (400, ((1/(0.5+log2(land/1000))) * 400)
starting price in 400 cr
at 1500 acres, price is 367 cr
at 2000 acres, price is 267 cr
at 4000 acres, price is 160 cr
at 6000 acres, price is 130 cr
at 8000 acres, price is 115 cr
at 10000 acres, price is 105 cr

Home to Thieves: Homes hold 400 citizens, Hideouts hold 80 citizens ---> Homes hold 450 citizens, Hideouts 80
Add: Walls to Thieves: 1 Wall trains 1 Rogue every month.
Add: Silver Spoon: +50% Starting money (4,500,000 cr)
Add: Irrigation: Farms produce +50% food (375 kg/farm)

Basic Thug 0/0 50 cr ---> 0/0 100 cr
Off Highwayman 4/0 450 cr ---> 4/0 500 cr
Elite Marauder 3/7 1,225 cr ---> 2/6 1,100 cr
Thief Rogue 0/0 75 cr ---> 1/0 100cr

Add: Cannot build Homes
Add: All buildings hold 80 citizens except Mines (125), Guilds (10), and Hideouts (40)
Remove: Richer: +10% mine income bonus
Basic Grunt 0/0 150 cr ---> 1/0 150 cr
Def Mortar Team 0/7 650cr ---> 0/6 700 cr
Elite Grey Beard 9/3 1,050 cr ---> 8/2 1,200 cr

Change: Farms, Mines and Yards produce 66% of normal ---> 60% normal
Add: Lose -50% citizens on Invasions, Thievery, and Magic. Minimums not affected
Add: 50% normal construction costs and military upkeep
Add: Dragon Sickness: Additional crs stolen from tax chests. (Equal to enemy size * 200 crs). Zero gains from all tribes below 70%

Basic Baby Dragon 1/1 250 cr ---> 2/2 150 cr
Off Green Dragon 8/2 450 cr ---> 10/2 450 cr
Def Black Dragon 0/10 700 cr ---> 2/10 650 cr
Elite Red Dragon 16/4 1,250 cr ---> 18/6 1,500 cr
Thief White Dragon 2/2 300 cr ---> 2/2 300 cr

Add: Bird of a Feather: 2hr explore time
Def Vendo 0/3 340 cr ---> 0/4 385 cr

Mori Hai
Thief Assassin 1/1 250 cr ---> 3/1 425 cr

Remove: All attack types yield 5,000 cr per acre taken
Add: Wraiths cannot be trained. Wraiths are immortal when attacking. Random1 amount of enemy casualties join your army as Wraiths.

Elite Wraith 10/10 1550 cr ---> 11/11 0cr

125-50% of enemy casualties killed in combat join as Wraiths.

Wood Elf
Remove: Fruity: +15% Birth Rate
Elite Tree Ent 0/10 1350 cr ---> 0/10 1400 cr
Thief Grassrunner 0/1 100 cr ---> 0/1 150 cr

Scumbag -

Bring back the Ravens.....

Sanzo -

Quote: Scumbag
Bring back the Ravens.....

Added to age 91 changes [;)]

Scarlet -

Mortality ---> Outrage
Change name to Outrage (or something creative

Sanzo -

Oh whoops :)

Gus Fring -

Start date?

Sanzo -

To clarify Oleg Hai Harpy price:
Price decreases as you get larger.

starting price in 400 cr
at 1500 acres, price is 367 cr
at 2000 acres, price is 267 cr
at 4000 acres, price is 160 cr
at 6000 acres, price is 130 cr
at 8000 acres, price is 115 cr
at 10000 acres, price is 105 cr

Start date is
Age 90 will start after 18.00 ST on Tuesday 30th with the first tick at 19.00

Gus Fring -

I asked earlier if dragon sickness is based on any attack.

This was confirmed by you Sanzo...

But apparently it isn't.

please confirm again. This is a huge different, Might as well restart if it's not working on all attack types.

Sanzo -

Bug has been fixed

It works on any attack type as long as the target has enough money on the tribe

Gus Fring -


Sanzo -

To clarify the science branches:

Maximum is still 50% per branch. When I announced 'all branches can be maxed out' I meant all branches can be filled up to 50%. Science branches do not max out at 100%.
In previous ages you could only attain 100% of total science spread across all branches. That cap was removed.

I apologize for the confusion.
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