Age 92 Changes

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Sanzo -

Looks like the age is almost over. Here are your changes [:D]

* There is now text below each op/spell/attack (on their corresponding pages) briefly stating its respective usage
* Projected War Spoils added to War Room
* MPs hold is now shown on Invasion Page
* Maximum bonuses for Research is now shown on Research Bonus page

Late Start:
2.2*Hours_Elaspsed + 500 ---> 1.7*Hours_Elapsed + 500
Starting Money 75,000*Hours_Elapsed*Racial_Modifier ---> 70,000*Hours_Elapsed*Racial_Modifier

(Old_Land*0.12) + 2.2*Hours_Elapsed + 500 ---> (Old_Land * 0.2) + 1.7*Hours_Elapsed + 500
money 80,000*Hours_Elapsed ---> 125,000*Hours_Elapsed*Racial_Modifier

Hours_Elapsed is Hours since age started 1-672
1.25 for Brittonian
1.09 for Mori Hai
0.6 for Dragon

War Spoils
Current system:
Surrendering is available from hour 18
Surrendering a war at any time in war costs 15% fame, rewarded to enemy alliance.
Winning a war yields MAXIMUM ((%Power - Hours_Elapsed_in_War)*25 , 15% Enemy Fame) and also ((%Power * alliance acres) / 20 RPs) added to unpurchased ... so winning outright would yield 5 RPA. RPs not stolen from losing alliance

New system:

20% Power must be gained to recieve any spoils
Surrendering or Trucing a war forfeits these spoils.

1 RPA gained per 20% power accumulated (max 5 RPA) for both alliances
{100 cr ; 3 kg ; 0.5 log ; 0.2 basic} * Alliance acres worth of resources added to “Unaccounted For” per 1% power accumulated (which will decay after war)
Surviving the duration of a war yields (%Power - (Hours_elapsed / 3)) * 10 Fame for the Victorious alliance and
(%Power - (Hours_elapsed / 2)) * 10 Fame for the losing alliance, * Maximum 200 fame per tribe for losing alliance *
This fame is new created fame. The losing alliance only loses their own fame and gives it to their opponent should they choose to surrender
*Losing alliance gets these market resources: {30 cr ; 0.9 kg ; 0.15 log ; 0.06 basic} * Alliance acres per 1% power *

Surrendering a war at any time in war costs 20% fame, rewarded to enemy alliance
Surrendering alliances gets market penalty: {2,000 cr ; 100 kg ; 25 log ; 10 basic} * Alliance acres worth of resources subtracted from “Unaccounted For” (which decays in a few days, so whats negative becomes positive)
All tribes surrendering a war are cursed with Stunted Growth for 24hrs.

Stunted Growth Effects:
Inability to explore or land claim for duration of the spell.
MP/TPs regen is half normal for duration of the spell.
Weaponries are ineffective for the duration of the spell.
Spell can be healed.
Spell is not voidable

18 RPA to max out a branch ---> 16.5 RPA per branch
Extra bonuses added for 30% science

War Research
Add: 30% science gives ability to declare war at 600 Hostility

Infrastructure Research
Remove: 1% science = -0.25% Decreased Building Damage taken (max 25%) (moved to Political Research)
Add: 1% science = -0.50% reduced fame lost against everything (max 50%)
Add: 30% science gives +10% more citizens per non-home

Growth Research
Remove: 1% research gives +1% Increased Citizens regen
Add: 1% research gives -0.1% decreased military cost (excluding basics) (max 10%)
Add: 30% science gives +30% citizen regeneration

Politics Research
Remove: 1% science = +1.00% Increased mana and plans burned with Hwighton Raid and Enforced Honesty (max 100%)
Remove: 1% science = -0.50% Reduce fame lost when invaded (max 50%) (moved to Infrastructure Research)
Remove: 1% science = +0.50% Chance to negate effects of Pestilence and Engineered Virus (max 50%)
Add: 1% science = +0.50% Increased gains from Self Operations and Military Exercises (max 50%)
Add: 1% science = -0.25% Decreased Building Damage taken (max 25%)
Add: 1% science = +0.25% Increased taxes (max 25%)
Add: 30% science gives 5 new acres settled per month
Change: 60% science gives 10 new acres settled per month ---> 5 more settled per month (so with 60% research 10 total gained per month)

Mage Level is now limited by acreage. Maximum ML is equal to land_size / 50
This means if you are 1,000 acres, you can get maximum ML 20, at 3,000 acres maximum ML is ML 60, and so on...

Remove: Arcane Cloak

Deep Forest
Remove: +5% defense
Add: -15% cheaper explore
Add: 20% elude
Add: 1,000 logs per month

Engineered Virus
Add: Cannot be voided

Add: Camouflage
Using the area resources your thieves have made your tribe blend into the surrounding area. Causing the invading armies to get lost trying to locate your tribe (15% chance)
Thief only self operation. Cannot be cast on alli mates. Available to Brittonian, Mori Hai, Spirit, Wood Elf
Difficulty: Easy (20% auto fail)
TPA required: 1
Duration 2-4 months

Blasphemy Crusade
10% Thieves & Mystics killed ---> 5% Thieves & Mystics killed + 5% Thieves & Mystics retrained (in 2h like Juranimosity)

Race Changes
Dark Elf
Add: Occult: Temples count as *1/2* Guilds (storage & regen)
Def Sorcerer 0/5 400 cr ---> 450 cr
Elite Nightrider 4/7 1,100 cr ---> 1,150 cr
Thief Assassin 0/0 350 cr -> 0/1 375cr

Change: -50% military unit losses from attacks, spells and operations -> -50% military unit losses from attacks (attacking or defending)
Remove: -50% citizens lost from attacks, spells and operations

Change: All buildings hold 80 ---> 85 citizens except Mines (125) ---> (130)
Off Hammer Smasher 4/2 250 cr ---> 5/1 400 cr
Elite Grey Beard 8/3 1,075 cr ---> 8/4 1,100 cr

Change: Academies gives 1% more Mage Level per each 1000 fame ---> 2% more ML/1000 fame
Add: Heal costs half MPs

Remove: +35% gains on Standard Attack
Remove: Wraths cannot be trained
Add: Nazguls fail 25% of outgoing spells/ops
Add: Nazgul cannot Explore or Land Claim
Change: Every month of 0.2% ---> 0.1% of Specialists are converted to Wraths
Def Numen 0/3 300 cr ---> 0/4 450 cr
Elite Wraith 11/11 ---> 9/9 1500 cr

Add: No thief losses from failed operations

Wood Elf
Elite Tree Ent 0/10 1,400 cr ---> 1,450 cr

Bulby -

with an abundance of small alliances and a couple of big ones that spend their time hitting and warring small alliances i think any extra gains or losses from war is pretty silly... how about reducing damage from bigger alliances onto smaller alliances in fame raping... in a small alliance if you hit a big alliance 8 tribes jump you mayb a law of diminishing returns or super high losses to troops/mages/thieves from those that gangbang...

Sanzo -

Age 93 will introduce a modifier to help alliances with few tribes have a better chance in war when considerably outnumbered [up]

Scarlet -

Did hitting into a war adding two hours attack return time come in this age? I've heard reports that it may have...?

If so please update post & add to wiki :)

Scarlet -

Age 90, Still add it to wiki please :)
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