Age 93 Changes

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Sanzo -

Dear players, with still about 2 days left in the current age, I present next ages' changes.

User Interface
Added Mystics/Thievery advisor page. This advisor shows you not only your MP/TPs, but also how much Magic/Thievery protection you have, and a few other tidbits.
Added more guide links

* We are taking steps to move all information into the in-game guide & guide links (which can be turned on/off on your Interface Settings

Power needed to win
In order to diminish the disadvantage placed upon alliances with few members, power required to win has been alleviated with the below formula. This measure does not make it beneficial to have fewer tribes, it merely gives the alliance with fewer members a slightly better chance at winning.

For alliances with different #tribes, power is alleviated for the alliance with the fewer members at war start (greens don't count)
If ((#small < #large) then (small_power = power * (1 - 0.4 * (1 - #small/#large)))

#small = #tribes in alliance with fewer members
#large = #tribes in alliance with more members
small_power = new alleviated power for alliance with fewer members
power = original power needed

Walls, Weaponries, Barracks, Churches, Guardhouses, and Temples are reduced from 25% to 20% maximum land allocation

1% reduces military training costs by 0.8% ---> 1%
1% reduces construction costs by 0.8% ---> 1%

Now scaled with below formula:

Now scaled with below formula:

4% gives 25% protection
8% gives 40% protection
12% gives 50% protection
16% gives 58% protection
20% gives 62.5% protection

Deep Forest
Remove: 20% evade

No longer destroys Guilds

Thievery Operations

Engineered Explosives
Add: 1% Guilds destroyed

New Intel Operation: Infiltrate
Send your thieves to infiltrate all facets of the enemy compound.
Effect: Reveals market credits
Cost: 1.6x Arson
Thives required: 1 (just one, not 1TPA)
Operation available to tribes 3,000 acres and up.

Remove inability to use against target below 70% of your size, and under 2,000 acres.

Priests require no military upkeep costs

Swapped Out: Dragon, Mori Hai, Templar
Swapped In: Balrog, Owl, Raven

Balrog (Type Mage-Cursed)
These accursed demons of shadow and flame have been sealed away from the lands of Orkfia for aeons. The magic that has bound them is broken, and they have been unleashed upon the world. None who live now remember their terrifying strength nor could know who would be responsible for their freedom.

Racial Abilities
15% homes allowed
Balancing traits—Mines, farms and yards produce 50% of normal; non-homes hold 50% of normal population; 50% of normal military upkeep. 50% of normal construction costs. 50% minimum citizen damage on incoming raids
1 MP instantly replenished per 10 raw defense killed in combat (Attacking only)
Starting Money: -35%

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Damned Soul 0/0 50 cr
Off Devil 16/0 950 cr
Def Occultist 0/16 950 cr
Elite Demon 13/13 1,200 cr
Thief Spy 0/0 250 cr

Owl (Type Thief-Winged)
The wise birds of the night. At least they were. The moon temples disturbed their sense of day and night and now they have changed their sleep and hunt schedule.

Racial Abilities
Swift: 1 month thievery return time, Swift Feathers are immune to Juanimosity's lethality. (retrained but no deaths)
60% gains on self operations.
Failed Black thief operations return 1 month slower (2h instead of 1h)

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Nester 0/0 50 cr
Off Nightclaw 4/0 350 cr
Def Screecher 0/6 1,000 cr
Elite Eagle Owl 5/5 850 cr
Thief Swift Feather 0/4 480 cr

Raven (Type Attacker-Winged)
Silent but oh so violent. Highly intelligent birds lurking in the shadows, their blackened wings give the advantage of extreme speed. This is no birdwatching outing and the flock is hard to see until it's too late.

Racial Abilities
As the crow flies: 1 month attack time. On retreats, 50% of army returns 1 month slower.
Strength in Numbers: 85% of normal military losses
Flock Mentality: 75% of normal damage on Blasphemy Crusade, Raze and Pillage
40% of normal gains on Clear a Perimeter

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Nester 0/0 10 cr
Off Blackclaw 3/0 270 cr
Def Razorwing 0/6 620 cr
Elite Blackwing 5/5 850 cr
Thief Screecher 0/0 250 cr

Virchue -

Thanks for having these up early!

Having not been around for these races in the past, what are their racial spells?

Plato -

Balrog are a cursed race, so Pestilence.

The other two are winged so same as eagle

Virchue -

Thank you Plato.

Another question.

Are Raven attackers or Owl thieves affected by the War Research Bonus? I'm assuming not but I figured I'd check.

“Military and thievery returns 1 month faster ”

Sanzo -

No, Owls and Ravens will not have instantaneous return with science [8)]

As for race spells:
Balrog will have Pestilence & Engineered Virus
Owl will have Brood & Camouflage
Raven will have Brood & Outrage
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