Age 96 Changes

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Sanzo -

Greetings players. Looks like some tweaking needs to be done. These age changes are just simple, but we have something special in the works!

And now without further ado, let me present your age changes [:D]

Political Science
Change: @30% 5 acres per hour ---> Intel spells/ops 20% chance go unnoticed.

Swapped Out: Dwarf
Swapped In: Undead

Undead (Type Attacker/Cursed)
The Undead were once living, breathing creatures, and are indeed a fearsome sight. It is very difficult to kill one, as they do not breathe, nor do they have any organs to pierce. Their vampires prey on enemy flesh, which causes their ranks to swell inexorably.

Racial Abilities
Enemy troops killed in combat when attacking join your army as Zombies
+100% losses for Skeletons when attacking
Vampires are immortal when attacking and defending
(Undead race spells are: Outrage and Pestilence)

Basic Zombie (0/0) 50cr
Off Skeleton (4/0) 350cr
Def Mummy (2/4) 400cr
Elite Vampire (9/8) 1300cr
Thief Imp (0/0) 400cr

Remove: Walls to Thieves: 1 wall trains 1 thief every month
Remove: +20% science production from Labs, Napanometry, Conjured Focus

Rept Hai
Change: Cunning: 1% offence bonus per month your general has stayed home since his last attack, with a maximum bonus of 20% ---> 10%

Basic Soldier 1/1 125 cr ---> 1/1 150cr
Off Swordman 5/2 375 cr ---> 4/1 275cr
Def Archer 3/6 500 cr ---> 3/6 550cr
Elite Berserker 9/5 1,225 cr ---> 9/5 1175

Sanzo -

Additional Chsnge:
Mergers will now go through automatically, greatly reducing wait times
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