Age 97 Changes

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Sanzo -

Greetings players. Here are your age changes

User Interface
Incoming off/def is now shown on Military Advisor Page (calculated)
Chat improvements
Personal Stats page redesign
Other goodies

Remove Vacation Mode
Clarification: You may still request to enter vacation mode by messaging staff

Stunted Growth effects reduced from 24h to 12h

Fame is no longer awarded for T/M ops into or out of war (no-war vs war & war vs no-war)

Hostility decay: 6 per hour —-> 4 per hour

@30% science +10% non home pop —-> 5% more defense

@30% science 20% chance intel goes undetected —-> 5% more offense
@60% science 5% more offense —-> 60% chance intel goes undetected

Blasphemy Crusade
Land *0.05 Academies, Guilds, & Hideouts destroyed —-> Land *0.04 Academies, Guilds, & Hideouts destroyed

Wrath of XENE
Slightly less expensive

Wrath of Cyclops
Slightly less expensive (made to same as Rust cost)

Swapped Out: Fairy
Swapped In: Light Elf

Light Elf
This enigmatic race of elves has arrived in the world of Orkfia from the divine realms beyond. Little is known of them, and they claim nor volunteer nothing of themselves, though their serene grace seems unfathomably ancient. Beings more spiritual than physical, they both excel in the arcane arts and are vulnerable to them.

Racial Abilities
Elendian, Matawaska, Lord of Harvest and Quanta give all +50% bonus instead of +10%
Basic self spells (Elendian, Mata, Harvest, Quanta) cannot be voided
Mines and yards produce 150% of normal, exploring costs 150% of normal crowns and construction costs are 180% of normal.
Waterborne: Mystical Rust deal 100% more damage.
Ready to Go: 4,500,000 starting money

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Acolyte 0/0 100 cr
Off Maia 4/0 550 cr
Def Istar 0/4 600 cr
Elite Valar Scion 2/5 975cr
Thief Scout 0/0 200 cr

Elite Denon 13/13 —-> 12/12

Def Vendo 0/4 385 cr —-> 365 cr

Remove: Double Skeleton Losses
Add: Cannot cast spells. Cannot build academies
Add: Immune to commandeer
Add: Pestilence is always active

Basic Zombie 0/0 50 cr ---> 0/0 80 cr
Off Skeleton 4/0 350 cr ---> 8/0 666 cr
Def Mummy 2/4 400 cr ---> 1/4 300 cr
Elite Vampire 9/8 1,300 cr ---> 7/9 1,080 cr

Def Archer 3/6 550 cr —-> 3/7 625 cr
Elite Berserker 9/5 1175 cr —-> 9/4 1150 cr

*Edit*Undeads will have “perpetual” Pestilence.

Gits -

Think the undead is similar in a way to the naz but more useless and easy killable. Maybe a 3 hr return would help but even then doubt it.

60 percent chance spells go undetected not evn worth spending science on.

Alias -

I understand that Undead won't be able to cast spells but will they have a perpetual state of Pestilence, as a decaying, rotting race of walking dead?

Sanzo -

Due to popular demand... Undeads will have Pestilence 24/7

Bulby -

removal of vacation mode? is that wise...i though a tweek in the coming out of vacation mode was the goal

Jolten -


After a lengthy conversation. We've determined vacation mode is best for situations outside the players control that will cause the player to be unavailable to tend their own tribe. With mobile access available there should be very few times that someone wouldn't be able to log in periodically.

Also by limiting access we can prevent the system from being used for what is deemed abuse by the community.

Bulby -

well i know it was regarding your going in to vacation while being killed.and popping out and attacking minutes after comng back... i do know every summer i go on vacation and depending on days and events dont get a chance to log in as i divorce my phone on most outings.. was there a survey done on best way to handle this?

Jolten -

No a survey wasn't done, however coding in restrictions as to when it can be used, and when you can come out, and when you can make an aggressive action, and what constitutes such an action becomes too convoluted and excessively hard to code. Staff viewed this as the best course of action for all involved.

Mind you it's not 100% not an option, however very limited.

Bulby -

how about something similar to merge request old style? put smokey in charge of dealing with it...he needs to be more acive

Sanzo -

What do you mean old style merge?

I’d rather have VM removed entirely. As some people have pointed out, ages are only 4 weeks long, and taking a break basically destroys your chances. If you want to stay alive build lots of protection and extra homes.

Gits -

The only way i can get the chat to work is by going here:

Then open the chat thru there.
Other than that, i cant get it to work phone or laptop. Any suggestions is great.

I usually use the above url to play on phone or laptop.

Sanzo -

I’m not a computer whiz so I have no idea [cry]

Have you tried the standalone chat that opens in a new window? ... available on the chat page

Gits -

Yes that is the only one that works but then again if i use that then either i have to have 2 tabs open and swap back and forth or have 1 or the other opened

Fisk -

Remove the S. Use http not https and chat will work.

Alias -

yeah, clicking the “Orkfia Chat” in the top right corner has not worked for me
since last Winter.

also, is the Pestilence gonna be added to Undead? or was that nixed?

Sanzo -

All undeads will receive pestilence upon first update. It just works that way. Gets casted at update

Gits -

Thanks Fisk. It worked. Love u long time. [heart]

Bulby -

sanzo...... old style merge was where we requested a merge...and had to wait for an admin to pull the trigger... so you would request vacation mode... an admin would look and validate nothing hinky going on... then start the guy in question to vacation mode...

Smokey -

Bulby signing me up for things...

I think the use cases of what's proposed need discussed more in dev chat before we act on anything (or not).

Bulby -

wont be the last time i volunteer you Smokey !
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