Age 99 End + Age 100 Start

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max -

Age 99 is ending in about a day or two, Friday 6th, at 19.00 ST. And remember that the last tick is at 18.00 - one hour before the age ends.
Note this is one hour later then usual, due to the switch to DST we had mid-age.

Age 100 will start after 18.00 ST on Monday 9th with the first tick at 19.00, running 4 weeks as usual. The game will be reset at least 24 h prior to the start.

Also note that sometime during the time between the ages we will switch to HTTPS-only. Any address to the server will redirect you to unless you are using it already.

Lil Britty -

Secure server [up]

Does the “this age will end in 1 month” tick matter for rankings? I’ve seen in past ages that my construction wasn’t reflected in the final tribe rankings. Would appreciate an admin confirmation.

Mistro -

As i understand it land gained within that tick will count. Ie 30% of land immediately after a standard grab.

However if for example you were a raven then you would NOT get the land that is due to come in AFTER that last tick.

Land under construction or barren shouldn't have any impact as your final land is taken from the tribe page last second update. (which i believe was added/tweaked couple ages ago.

max -

Age 100 has started!

Good luck and happy bug-hunting [:D]

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woot woot.. ! !!

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