Age 100 Changes

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Sanzo -

Greetings Players,
Apologies for the delay. Here are your well awaited age changes:

Add: Minimum gain of 0.7% of target's total acreage

Half current thieves retrained, half current thieves killed

Killing a citizen on a Raid, Hit-n-Run or Poison Water yields 1/250 power. ---> 1/1000 power

Both alliances now gain less fame for winning/losing war. Surrender and Truce unchanged.

Swapped Out: Dark Elf
Swapped In: Templar

Human scholars who became consumed with religious zeal and regard magic as the answer to their prayers. Their sacred churches are blessed with additional powers and they use this power to root out what they see as un-pureness on others. Hard to kill and twice as nuts, other races, particularly mages are wise to tread carefully around the order of the Templars.

Racial Abilities
45% homes allowed
1 PPA gives +10% ML from Academies (10 PPA gives +100% ML)
Guard Houses count as 1/2 Weaponry
(now has thief unit)

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Monk 0/0 50 cr
Off Knight 4/0 475 cr
Def Archpriest 0/4 400 cr
Elite Paladin 6/6 1,000 cr
Thief Cleric 0/0 250 cr

Def Screecher 0/6 1,000 cr ---> 0/8 1,350 cr
Elite Eagle Owl 5/5 850 cr ---> 750 cr
Thief Swift Feather 0/4 480 cr ---> 0/5 600 cr

Mori Hai
25% Mage protection -> 15%

Racial Synergy
1 RP per 5,000 citz -> 1 RP per 4,000 citz

Oh... one more thing... I checked the Orkfia weather forecast, and it looks like climate change is hitting us hard too. Keep your eyes peeled for locusts [:|]

PheNom -

Just keep santa out of my lands!
Ive had it with winter for next couple of years!

Hal -


Tommies -

I am having some discussies with players around. Could you clarify the change for Juri.

Does that mean the dmg it as been doing this age, let's say 133kk thieves, 66.5kk retrained and 66.5kk get killed.

Or if it used to have 100k retrained and 33k thieves killed(like this age) it will now be half of that. 50k thieves retrained and 16.5k thieves killed?

Virchue -

Good question Tommies.

Also what does locusts mean?

Kelvin -

Like alli 666 :P

Buffy -

For jurai if you used to send 100k thieves into retraining you will now send 50k. If you have been playing the game for a few years you know what locusts mean.

Sanzo -

Quote: Tommies
Could you clarify the change for Juri

Old was 3% retrained (per spell), with 15% of those killed.
New version is 1.5% retrained, with 15% of those killed or to put it differently, 1.275% are retrained and 0.225% are killed.
Half of what it used to be

Virchue -

So do the veterans get an advantage when it comes to locusts or is someone going to explain for the newbies?

Tommies -

Thanks Sanzo.

Bradbury -

If I was going to guess, based on watching the movie “a bugs life”, I would say it will be a random event where locusts have come to eat all/some of your farms and food. Simple solution... develop your whole age strategy against it; play spirits, never eat, profit. [up]

Alias -

They certainly get the advantage of knowing what to expect.
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