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Sanzo -

Attention Players!
Thank you for sending in your nominations [up]

The poll to vote for the winners is now up!

In addition to these 9 categories, three people were unanimously nominated for other categories. They will be announced along with the other winners when the poll expires on Wednesday.

Mistro -

Some of these nominations...

Best alliance leader.. Baba Yaga = great player and I’m sure good leader however his alliance got torn to pieces and lots of bans.

Bulby as most active. Spewing dissent and toxicity does not warrant an award.

Can there be an abstain button added to the options?

Tommies -

I am Baba Yaga. I wasn't really the leader of the alliance. I shouldn't take credit on neither the fall or the times we were on top as alliance.

However, I don't think it's right to add a button or even want to change the outcome of these vote of the poll.

Don't start the poll in the first place if you don't like the outcome. I mean in the end, that is the whole purpose of a poll. To check status of opinions other than your own.

Mistro -

I entirely agree.

These records are etched into orkfia history in a way. In the olympics cheats are erased from the record books.

Just my 2 cents.

Rudy -

I agree with you Mistro. This game needs to turn a page and only look foward and not backwards on the negative affects certain people have on this game. Why should someone who cheats be rewarded [8)]. Also love the idea to abstained and know a few tribes that would use it right now!

Gits -

Just because some of you dont agree on some of the polls dont mean the players who voted for them are wrong.

Fact 1: tommies knows how to lead and when giving the opportunity he did a great job. 26 as most of you know didnt need to cheat to win. Torn to pieces was the options of the players to leave btw Mistro, get that one right.

Fact 2: Bulby was indeed the most or one of the most active in the community, cheating or not its still a fact.

Fyi, i didnt even make those polls or chose any btw.

Although, If you dont agree, and think someone else deserves it, there should be at least two if i saw it correctly. If you still dont agree dont vote simole as that. If you want your opinion heard, next time participate in it when they ask for opinions. Hence, the first sentence in the thread “Attention Players!
Thank you for sending in your nominations”

So dont blame no one but yourselves.

Rudy -

I think we got the answers people we're looking for. Anyone other than a member of 26 want to voice their opinions please lol.

Gits -

No one in 26 atm but tommies munchkin.

Rudy -

Your a good smart ass gits. Was saying anyone that didnt play in 26 care to comment. I would like to see more people voice there opinions not just the people who played with the cheater and have mix views!

Btw gits are you back with your boys in 19 [;)]

Rudy -

You do have a good point gits, with all Bulby's multi's how can he not be the most active in the community.

Also sad to point out I have recently found out more than one tribe in 26 knew Bulby was cheating and still decided not to speak up about it. Shame, shame, shame!

This boy Rudy lays down the hammer thou so no need to worry AatW i speak for the people [:D]

Sanzo -

Are you guys for real? This is community choice awards.
You nominated them, now you get to vote. If you don’t like any nominees for a category, you don’t have to click either.

I will under no circumstance pick and choose which nominees I like. Every nomination submitted is included in the poll.

PheNom -

And keep discuss to topic, kthxbye

Rudy -

What if you got voted for something you don't want? Are you allowed to request your name be withdrawn?

Sanzo -


Bongo -

Some guys bitch when they are hung with a new rope..btw im fine not being voted for in any way. I still would like to see all the supposed multi ops.. please post them.. still anxious to see how much damage a 1500 acre eagle with no guild's can do

Gilgatn -

your gonna ruin a nice post bulby you got caught stop posting 2 to 7 days after pretensing its all ok and sont log on ur multi and agree with your self


Smokey -


Not to single any one player out, please don't be so dismissive in your dealings with former alliance #26 members. It does them a disservice to not take their opinions into consideration considering they tried as hard as anyone else to win last age.


Sanzo -

I see both Rudy and Bulby are making their case for most active in the community [:|]
Will you #VoteRudy or #VoteBulby ?

Bongo -

Bulby doesn't exist anymore.. just his twin Bongo..and 7 other eagles..4 spirit's...and 2 Ravens

PheNom -

@sanzo what bout reasons for nominating ppl, will that be published or is that a waste of time..

Gotta admit, i cant remember if we added reasons for when we nominated :)
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