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Sanzo -

Greetings players! Here are your changes:


Cancel construction:
You now have the option to cancel buildings you ordered to construct during the same hour.
There is no cost to to cancel. Link to page will be visible next to the Demolition button.


16.5 RPA to max out a branch ---> 15 RPA

Growth Science
Max 15% decreased trainings ---> Max 20%

@90% research: Buildings are free to construct

Efficient Mobilization
when spell active military 40% more expensive -> 30% more expensive
0.1% more military -> 0.15% more military

ES & WoD
Made slightly more difficult

Remove: Failed black operations return 1 month slower

Elite 6/6 -> 5/6

Off Spec 8/0 -> 6/0
Elite 8/9 -> 7/8

Add: Viking can pillage larger targets by sending at least 50% target's defense. (Works like HnR, Raze: sending 50% gives 50% gains, sending 75% gives 75% gains, etc)

If any other changes are added before the age start, this thread will be updated [up]

Player 2 -

Are crowns and wood refunded when construction is cancelled?

Also would have been nice to see buffs to branch other than infra... Maybe put that free building perk on politics or something since that's forever neglected.

Bongo -

Politics are not neglected by everyone.not great bonus at 30/60 but negates some damage

Scarlet -

Afaik also idea is to implement a 90% on other three, just have to balance it out as most people hit 90% war [:p]

Kelvin -

Eagles (or WOX?) needs a change I believe. if one tribe can fail 100 ops and still manage to take out over half of someone's ghs (20%+), there's something wrong :-P

Gits -

depends how many WoX's were sent right?

Sanzo -

Quote: Kelvin
Eagles (or WOX?) needs a change I believe

I agree. This is on the agenda if we can sneak in another change [up]

Gits -

The temp is supposed to be a mage/attacker and it was pretty horrible. Now, with these changes, the attacker portion is diminished a bit. So, the mage portion is non-existent compared to other mages not just current mages. Think something needs to be done to tweak it before the new age begins. We still got 3 days or so till new age starts, think a tweak can be accomplished by then.

The undead is overpowered week 1. After that is one of the easiest to kill. Just fyi.

orkfan -

mori need too

Sanzo -

Any specific numbers would be appreciated [:D]

Virchue -

I really like the variety with Thieves. I really dislike the variety in Mages.

Thieves have 1 hour return in Owl, Jack of all Trades in Spirit, Damage in Woodelf, Attacking in Mori Hai

Mages - if you want to actually do any maging the only choice is Eagle or Templar if attacking. Templar is getting a bit of a nerf for some reason though despite that to they need to balance temples with academies to be effective mages. Light Elf and Wizard both seem to fill the same role... Only worth having if you plan on being grow mode for a majority of the age, aka playing in a small alliance/solo.

I think there needs to be some Mage perks added to either Light Elf or Wizard for them to actually become a choice in team play. Dark Elves had the success bonus, Fairy had the fame bonus and ability to cast on allies, etc. Wizard and Light Elf are lacking as far as magic goes. I'm not sure how to make it fun and different for those races, but something needs to be done in my opinion.

Stonehaven -

when does new age start?

Sanzo -

Quote: Player 2
Are crowns and wood refunded when construction is cancelled?

No, however that is a consideration if this change is well received
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