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Sanzo -

Greetings players!
May I present to you the nominees for this past Age's AatWards. It really is a star-studded ballot. I have a feeling this one will be close.

Just go to Community > Polls to cast your vote!

Best Tribe Name

One Mori Time (#16)
-Really cool Nick given that he played Mori

Jesus (#19)
-i got grabbed by jesus :)

Smoked the leaders age 100 win (#19)
-This is what a cool name looks like

-FREE LAND!!!!!- (yes, really) (#24)
-Not really, really though
-Yes really!

LIVIN LA VIDA loca (#24)
-Shakira Shakira ?
-Livin la vida loca :)

Full of Ka'umm (#40)
-Funny name

Best Banner

Artic (#11)

Broken image

-dumbassphobia lmao!

[empty alliance] (#19)

Broken image

-Kept up to the banner name

Club Crabsox (#24)

Broken image

-Best banners all age. Changed it up a few times and all were good

Most Evul Alliance

[OG] (#17)
-They were a nearly full alliance and would target solo tribes to harass. Total bullies. They also just started opping my solo tribe as soon as war ended with 40 while I’m still licking my wounds.

[empty alliance] (#19)
-they have jesus, thus evil
-No losses in wars, most aggressive ally in wars

Best Alliance Theme

Artic (#11)
-Pretty cool theme, goes with #11 players

CB (#40)
-HBD Full

Best Novice

Trypophobia (#11)
-He deserves the newb award every age.

One Mori Time (#16)
-Are there any novices in this game?

[OG] Hephaestus (#17)
-Solid bloke lol

Most Effective Team Leader

Anemophobia (#11)
-Exceptional patience and understanding paired with a great sense of humour
-I already sent one in, but even since then, he's helped me so much and has fostered in me a love for the game and my Alliance

[OG] Hecate (#17)
-He’s the man

Battle of Flamborough Head (#19)
-Assuming the king is leader. 19 played the best age.

Jesus (#19)
-P2’s knowledge of the game is as strong as his strategy

Wizzy!! (#24)
-I nominate Lepel every age simply because he is THE best leader ever.

Best War

[empty alliance] (#19) vs Club Crabsox (#24)
-Jesus touched us, in a bad way

[empty alliance] (#19) and CB (#40)
-Most competetive wars from the bunch

Slackerville!!!! (#125) v Artic (#11) / [empty alliance] (#19) / CB (#40) all at same time
-Haters gonna hate

Funniest Forum Poster

-He is THE funniest guy ever!
-He really is very very funny! No joke

-HBD Full

[small][i]-He just brings the jokes

Best Debater

-This award should be named “The Gits Award”

-Full of shitt

-No bullshit

Best Forum Post

-Double D clickbait game talk thread

-Haters gonna hate
-Haters gonna hate post. 2 thumbs up...

Hal -

haha whinging much virchue? we opped you i think twice the whole age after you grabbed into us half a dozen times, and as you said, WAITED after 40 were done to JURA you so you can't grab our owl again. aside from that i've only opped the big solo tribes for income since they keep running 2-3k mines, not like we warred house of blue fifty times to buff research ;)

otherwise, congrats all,
P2 how are you so active surely you've graduated by now? [:p]

Player 2 -

smart phones are pretty good invention

Hal -

fair enough i just wish i was more chilled at work

is it too late to nominate? i almost forgot but #11 early age was PURE EVUL to camp and fear me when grabbing with viking basics (and i didnt even grab them) $$ [cry]

PheNom -

Maybe Best novice should be replaced with something else or maybe just removed.

Hal -

best noob? noob of the age? [8)]

PheNom -

How to define a noob ?
Some viking who does TR on a owl ?

Hal -

i don't know.. maybe something like demolishing all barracks only to find you forgot to keep guilds, during war, twice?[8)]
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