Age 105 Changes

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Race Changes
Swapped Out: Mori Hai, Wizard, Wood Elf, Raven
Swapped In: Spirit, Dark Elf, Brittonian, Uruk Hai

Brittonian (Human - Thief)
Ordinary looking, life is cheap and thieves' dens are two-a-penny in a Brittonian tribe. War is when a Britt really shines, quick wits and even quicker fingers enable them to use skills passed down for generations to stash resources for later use. Up to no good? You bet your life they are!

Racial Abilities
Home to Thieves: Homes hold 450 citizens, Hideouts hold 80 citizens
Gluttony: +30% starting money

Military Units
Basic Thug 0/0 75
Off Highwayman 3/0 350
Def Lawyer 0/4 400
Elite Marauder 4/5 850
Thief Rogue 1/1 150

Dark Elf (Elf - Mage)
What is darker than a Dark Elf? Not much... the terrifying power gained through study of the dark arts has twisted these elves into pure evil. Wicked magic is their specialty, combine this with their extraordinary magic skill and you have the very best race for offensive magic.

Racial Abilities
Natural Mages: Academies grant 33% more mage level
Selfish: Cannot cast alliance spells on allies
Evil Worship: Increased dark spell success rate, further increased based on enemy PPA: 10% success rate + enemy PPA
Temples count as 1/2 guilds

Military Units
Basic Slinger 0/0 75
Off Nightstalker 4/0 450
Def Sorcerer 0/5 500
Elite Dark Priestess 2/8 1300
Thief Assasin 0/0 325

Spirit (Cursed - Thief)
All that remains from the cursed souls of the Nazgul, who are now presumed to be extinct. You cannot see or hear a Spirit but their presence becomes known in other ways. Their lack of physical form could be a disability but used correctly, can be positive in many ways.

Racial Abilities
Ethereal Form: Vision spell does not work on Spirits. Spirits don't eat
From the Shadows: Failed intel operations do not generate tribe news
No thief losses from failed operations
Intel Operations cost: -50%

Military Units
Basic Ghost 0/0 75
Off Phantom 3/0 300
Def Poltergeist 0/5 550
Elite Banshee 3/6 800
Thief Apparition 0/2 200

Uruk Hai (Ork - Attacker)
An advanced race of Orc that is tough as old boots, a true warrior. Their one aim in life is to loot, kill and destroy and they excel at murdering enemy forces. These are the monster under your bed.

Racial Abilities
Can kill immortal units Please note this did not make it in before age 105 start.
Tireless: General does not require rest for Hit'n'run or Blasphemy Crusade

Military Units
Basic Pit Spawn 0/0 50
Off Berserker 8/0 850
Def Ogre Shaman 0/6 600
Elite Half-Giant 11/3 1400
Thief Blackguard 0/0 325

Elite Vampire 7/8 1,100 -> 7/6 1,000

Selfless: Able to provide aid to allies via Weather's Light and Templu Amblo (50% gains) -> Able to provide aid to allies via Weather's Light and Templu Amblo (50% gains) AND have no military upkeep.
Cloak & Dagger: Increased ambush gains by 30% (up from 25%)

Def Flibbertgibbert 325cr -> 350

* Additional changes may be added. Remember to check this announcement thread before the Age start *

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Edited Uruk-hai racial trait.
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