Age 106 Changes

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Happy age changes [:D][up]

You now have the ability to retrain your advanced units (offensive specialists, defensive specialists, and thieves) into elites!
50% of the current price of each unit will be discounted for retraining.
For example if you are training a 500 cr def spec into a 1000 cr elite, you will pay 750 crs.

War Science
@30%: +25% TM damage --> +15% TM damage

Swapped Out: Eagle, Rept Hai,
Swapped In: Fairy, High Elf

High Elf - Elf Attacker

A handsome race but don't they know it! Vanity combined with a talent for social manipulation means that famous High Elves use the influence they gain to reach their goals, regardless of the cost to their enemies. The HE troops use the magic of their ancient ancestors to grant themselves immortality ahead of their planned attacks.

Immortality: All units are immortal in combat
Vanity: Each point of fame gives 0.002% increased damage dealt and land gained on attacks
Liberation: 10 Longbowmen instantly join your army per each acre conquered (standard, commandeer, raid)

Slinger 0/1 75cr
Sage 6/0 550cr
Longbowmen 0/7 700cr
Priestess 8/8 1250cr
Rogue 0/0 300cr

Race spells: Outrage & Deep Forest

Fairy - Winged Mage

Healer: cast self-spells on allies (race specific spells excluded)
Academies gives 2% more Mage Level per each 1000 fame
Dark spells cost 1% less to cast per 1000 fame
Fairy only spell: Divine Intervention

Feyspren 0/0 50cr
Sprite 3/0 300cr
Nymph 0/5 450cr
Succubus 1/7 1,100cr
Grovetender 0/1 300cr

Race spells: EV & Brood

Fairy only spell: Divine Intervention
Effect: -20% land lost on standard attack &5-15 fame gained each month
Cost: Same as race spell
Difficulty: Same as race spell

Home to Thieves: Homes hold 450 citizens, Hideouts hold 80 citizens --> Homes 400 citizens, Hideouts 80
Add: Each building destroyed by thievery yields 2000 crowns
Ready to go: +30% starting money --> +25% money

Off Highwayman 3/0 350 cr --> 450 cr
Def Lawyer 0/4 400 cr --> 475 cr
Elite Marauder 4/5 850 cr --> 2/6 1,175 cr
Thief Rogue 1/1 150 cr --> 1/0 130 cr

Uruk Hai
Add: Rage: 5% offense bonus per consecutive attack up to a maximum of 20%. If your general remains home for 1 month, the bonus is reset to 0%. (The first attack is without any bonus. Retreats or Eludes do not reset the bonus.)
Remove: Tireless: General does not require rest for Hit'n'run or Blasphemy Crusade
Add: Double citizens killed on Raid (minimum 4* acres)
Add: 200% normal military units killed in combat (attacking & defending. normal self losses)

Off Hill Troll 8/0 850 cr --> 685 crs
Def Ogre Shaman 0/6 600 cr --> 0/7 750 crs
Elite Half-Giant 11/3 1,400 cr --> 13/2 1,500 crs
Thief Blackguard 0/0 325 cr --> 275 crs

Elite Banshee 3/6 800 cr --> 3/7

Engineered Explosives
Cost 25% less TPs per operation

Military Exercises
Martial Law
Change: Duration: military return time + 1h --> military return time + 10h
Effect: 5 OPA sent = 1% thief protection (max 75 OPA = 15% thief protection) --> 5 OPA sent = 1% thief AND MAGE protection (max 75 OPA = 15% thief AND MAGE protection)

* If any additional changes are added, this thread will be updated *

Sanzo -

Additional Changes:

High Elf
Longbowmen 0/7 700cr --> 0/6 600cr

Elite Paladin 5/5 1,000 cr --> 4/5 950 cr

Also miscellaneous UI changes
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