Age 109 Start

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max -

Age 109 will start at 18.00 ST on Tuesday 1st with the first tick at 19.00, running 4 weeks as usual. The game will be reset at least 24 h prior to the start.

WayHigh -

Lots of big gap in between age and they start that super lame

Jolten -

Coding takes time when you're doing it on your free time and not getting paid for it.

Mistro -

Max as always big thumbs up and thankyou for alll of the work and dedication you put into this game!

There is most definitely not enough recognition for you and the rest of the team keeping orkfia afloat. So a heartfelt Thankyou and I hope you have had a good christmas and have a great New year also!.

Monkey -

Lol wayhigh. What are you talking about. In my mind the break is to short. Could be 1 week for all I care.

Thank you Max. You listen to the players and own the code

Tukk -

The break is long enough. I'm with Wayhigh and would love to play sooner, but having said that the behind the scenes work needs to be done and time is required for that.

Whoever is involved a much appreciated thank you [heart]

WayHigh -

Yeah sorry guys wasn't trying to be a dick this game is super awesome and every works or for you to maintain this amazing game good work to all you who maintain it coat it and all that stuff you guys f****** rock I feel like when I'm 90 years old this game will still be going with about a hundred players just the way we all liked it

Tukk -

I feel you Wayhigh. We all want to play 24/7 [;)]

Sanzo -

Next in between ages time you can enjoy our mini game: Orkfia Bingo

Smokey -

More like Sanz-go... Right?

S-a-n-z-go and sanzo was his name oh!
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