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Dear players,

A poll is up regarding player preference to Tribes reconfiguration. Think it through before selecting. Deadline is June 30th. Do not worry what admins and coders have to do, to make this happen. This is just your opinions on what you would like to see in Orkfia. A lot of factors fall into play, amount of players, active players etc. It's a reason this poll is being put up. This does not mean that it will come into play for age 115 but maybe age 116 and beyond but we would like all players inputs before finalizing changes.

How many max tribes per alliance

Should we make a minimum cap number of tribes per ally
*Stay current
*3 minimum

What would you rather have if you die?
*Stay current
*Lower the acreage amount a bit from what is currently
*Put a cap on it. Example max 2.5k land respawn if died at a certain acreage.
*Get a percentage of land back when dead upon respawn.
*If you die you spawn back at 500 acres
*If you die you stay dead until next age

Should the number of each race be capped in each alliance?
(For example only 2 people can choose X race)
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