Age 117 Changes

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Greetings players. Here are your changes.

UI Changes
- Suicide text added to alliance news
- Tribe/user names won't update in old pms .


-Kills during a war: All tribes in an ally will gain 10% of a killed tribe's acres upon death, the acres goes to each tribe in the opposing ally that made the kill.

-Surrender 1vs1. All surrendering tribes will automatically lose 25% fame in 1vs1 and will not get any market credits.
*If in multiple wars, there is no penalty as long as you still at war with one ally.

-Truce. All tribes in both allies lose 25% fame for each tribe.

-War Damage: Any ally that is in two wars will gain 200% ops damage as long as the 2nd war, they were declared on. It does not apply if an ally already in war declares on another ally to get a second war to gain the bonus.

-Interference: For each mage or thievery operation sent against a warring alliance, you will have a 30% chance a fireball being returned to you. A message saying “The Gods disapprove of your interference in this contest of wills” Intel ops are not affected by this.

Dark spells
Enforced Honesty
Difficulty increased
Now destroys 2% of maximum MPs

Black Operations
Thief requirements reduced by 20%

-New thief op:
A message saying “Dirty tricks by an antagonist incites hostility against Alliance *** ”
Incite two other alliances to increase hostility between them by 200 hostility. Note: Can't be used with your own ally to another ally.
Can be used by allies with 5+ tribes against other allies with the same amount of tribes, once per ally every 36 hours.
Does not work against an alliance already in war.
Cost: High
TPA: 8x Arson
Chance: Very difficult
Available at 4,000 acres.

Change: 1 Research Point per 2000 citizens per month
Add: +5% resource production (mines, farms, yards)

Remove: 1 PPA grants 1% increased RP production to labs.
Add: Mage and Thief ops damage increased by 5%

Races Changes

-25% resource production
Starting Money: -25%
Basic Damned Soul 0/0 75 cr
Off Dread Beast 14/0 950cr
Def Occultist 0/14 950cr
Elite Demon 11/11 1,250 cr

Elite Red Dragon 15/6 1,100 cr

1 TPA boosts Mage Level by 0.5 Guilds hold 0.5 mp and 0.5 tp (includes Regen)
Cannot build Hideouts
Add: Enlightenment: Guilds give 15% to MP Storage and Regen
Add: +15% damage on Wrath of XENE
Thief Razorbeak 0/0 350 cr

Mori Hai
-25% food required
Add: +20% damage on Thieves Rebellion

Def Engineer 0/5 450 cr
Elite Mountain Ogre 4/5 700 cr
Thief Assassin 4/1 450 cr

max -

Some of the changes above have not been added, and the post had been edited.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
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