Age 123 Changes

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Sanzo -

Age 124 will run the normal 672 hours.
Age will begin on March 1st 18:00 Server Time (ST) with first tick March 1st 19:00 ST.
Age will end on March 29th 19:00 ST.

- Removed ambiguous text for spell difficulty. Replaced with “recommended ML” for each spell.
NOTE: The recommended ML for each Dark Spell represents the lowest Mage Level you need to have maximum successrate versus target with ML 1

Remove: Auto-declare on 1,000 hostility.
(Alliances need to declare manually via War Room)

Race Spells
Pestilence - Triggered ability
Max 15hr duration when spread -> Max 10hr duration when spread

Thievery Operations
Arsenic Infusion
Remove Operation from play

Race Changes
Remove: Brittonian, Mori Hai, Raven
Add: Eagle, Nazgul, Owl

Eagle (Winged + Thief)

Long revered by many cultures, Eagles have a magical quality that has evolved into magical ability. Many will hunt them, thinking they see weakness, many will fail... an eagle's defensive abilities are second to none.

Racial Abilities:
40% elude chance (flat)
Guilds have 2/3 mana storage efficiency, but also store same amount of plans
Hideouts have 2/3 plan storage efficiency, but also store same amount of mana

Military Units
Basic Nester 0/0 50 cr
Off Emesen 1/0 100 cr
Def Vendo 0/5 450 cr
Elite Anekonian 2/8 1000 cr
Thief Razorbeak 0/1 200 cr

Nazgul (Cursed + Attacker)

Soulless creatures experimented on with evil necromancy, the Nazgul believe their “curse” to be a gift. The Nazgul have strong resistances due to the ancient curse placed on them.

Racial Abilities
2 month attack time
25% chance of attacks not showing in alliance news
25% chance to fail spells and operations *Edit* THIS HAS BEEN REMOVED
Immune to Sneak
25% thievery Immunity
25% magic immunity

Military Units
Basic Soulless 0/0 40 cr
Off Black Rider 5/0 475 cr
Def Numen 0/7 750 cr
Elite Wraith 6/4 650 cr
Thief Shadow 0/0 300 cr

Owl (Winged + Thief)

The wise birds of the night. At least they were. The moon temples disturbed their sense of day and night and now they have changed their sleep and hunt schedule.

Racial Abilities
1 month thievery return time
50% gains of self operations
Juranimosity does not kill Swift Feathers
Cannot give Thieves Trap to alliance members

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Nester 0/0 40 cr
Off Nightclaw 4/0 350 cr
Def Screecher 0/8 1,150 cr
Elite Eagle Owl 5/5 750 cr
Thief Swift Feather 0/4 440 cr

Farms, Mines and Yards produce 75% of normal -> produce 60% of normal

Add: -50% construction costs

High Elf
Add: 3 months attack time
Add: 1 fame provides additional 0.001% offense

Basic Slinger 85 cr -> 60 cr
Off Sage 450 cr -> 400 cr

Rept Hai
Add: Churches & GuardHouses provide 4% protection per 1% land (instead of 3.5%)
Remove: Immune to Poison and Poison Water

Elite Hydra 8/3 1,000 cr -> 9/3 1,100 cr

Def Archpriest 0/4 380 cr -> 0/5 550 cr

It is your responsibility to check this post before Age 123 starts.

Sanzo -

From this point forward until the age end you are not permitted to declare on an alliance that is either less than half your size or more than double your size (in either acres or number of tribes). Green tribes do not count toward total.

Any alliance caught declaring war this way will be immediately suspended for a minimum of 48 hours for each offense.

Additional egregious abuses include declaring on several alliances close to a kill attempt in order to quickly ramp up damage. If it feels like something you shouldn’t do, don’t do it.

Staff appreciates your understanding

~ Orkfia Staff
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