Age 124 Changes

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Sanzo -

Age 124 will begin April 1st at 18:00 Server Time (ST). First tick is at 19:00 ST.
The age will run for 672 ticks. Age end will be April 29th at 19:00 ST.

World Forum & Game Talk will be removed / made inaccessible. If you wish to send staff a comment or complaint you may continue to do so by either privately messaging a staff member (not recommended), or by submitting a report:

If your question is deemed worthy of a public response, staff will answer it in the Announcements forum.

Announcements, Bugs, Suggestions, and Alliance Forums will remains open. Bugs & Suggestions will be strictly moderated and all non-serious posts will be quickly removed.

- Update the explore screen to show the resulting explore cost modifier in the UI
- Elder Votes will be automatically reset if an elder is inactive for 48 hours.

- Hostility re-enabled.
- No auto-war at 1000 hostility.
- Hostility and Power added to guide

Re-worked hostility & Power
- Patching inconsistent hostility/power generation: Intel spells no longer generate hostility or power
- Building damage standardized
- Decay increased

- Hostility acts as power during war.
- Target alliance size * 0.33 power to win a war -> 5000 power to win a war (standardized)
- War spoils based off alliance size & power comparable to current spoils.


Attacking, thieving, magicking versus GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO 50% AND LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO 200% of your size is full damage (unchanged, same as now)
Attacking, thieving, magicking target LESS THAN 50% OR GREATER THAN 200% of your size, damage is now 25% of what it is now

Commandeer vs target less than 70% of your size now yield: target_acres * 0.01

Spells & Ops
Fame Changes
Poison 6 -> 2
Magical Void 20 -> 10
Fear 6 -> 2
Cleanse 5 -> 3

Engineered Explosives
Destroying buildings no longer yields crowns

Cut Supply
Destroying buildings no longer yields crowns

Thievery Operations Limited to Land Size

Available at any size:
Weather's Light
Templu Amblo
Land Claim

Bribe Accountant
Truth's Eye


Available at 600+ acres
Thieves Trap
Poison Water

Available at 1200+ acres
Mine Walls
Cut Supply

Available at 1800+ acres
Engineered Explosives

Available at 2400+ acres
Hwighton Raid
Thieves Rebellion

Available at 3000+ acres
Infiltrate (unchanged)

Magic Limits
Maximum ML allowed: acres/50 --> acres/100

Add: Non-homes hold 50% of normal citizens & military
Alter: Farms, Mines, and Yards produce 60% of normal -> produce 50%

Alter: 25% chance of attacks not showing in alliance news -> 75 percent -> 50%

Basic Soulless 0/0 40cr -> 20cr

High Elf
Remove: Each point of fame gives 0.001% offence
Remove: 3 hour attack time

Rept Hai
Remove: +100% land gained on raids
Add: +100% land from exploring when Raiding (from 35% to 70%)

Off Wyvern Rider 6/0 550cr -> 4/0 400 cr
Def Basilisk 0/7 750cr -> 675 cr
Elite Hydra 9/3 1,100cr -> 9/5 1,550 cr

Race Class Changes
Attacker class: 1hr faster basic training -> 1hr faster basic training AND +25% more expensive explore cost

NOTE: Age changes subject to change. It is your responsibility to check this thread before the start of Age 124.

Sanzo -

You can now explore a maximum of 20% your current land (includes incoming acres)
Used to be 25% maximum

Sanzo -

Changes have been uploaded

Scarlet -

Hey all, the bigger re-work for standardizing hostility is not ready for this age.
Some interim stop-gaps have been added along with guide info (I have updated the changes and struck some things out)

Thanks for your patience :)
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