Age 125 Changes

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Sanzo -

Game Changes
Alliance size reduced to 5 tribes

Templu Amblo
- Now gives average of 10 cr per thief sent. (Previously 20 cr)

2400 acres required -> 1800 acres required

Lightning Bolt
Lightning bolt is now slightly easier to cast (recommended ML 19 -> 14)

Triggered ability removed: No longer spreads on thief ops

Raid now kills minimum of 3 citizens per acre (used to be 4 CPA)

Gains reduced by 50%

Military Losses
Attackers now lose 25% more troops in combat

You can now only explore 15% of your current acres (used to be 20%)

Race Changes
Swapped Out: Balrog, Wood Elf
Swapped In: Light Elf, Hobbit (see guide)

Rept Hai
Add: 3-hr attack
Remove: CH&GH give 4% protection instead of 3.5%
Off Spec 3/0 200 cr

Remove: 25% protection from Thievery and magic

Add: 100 Templar Knights are 1 guild equivalent
Off Spec Templar Knight 0/0 150cr

Age 126 Preview
Achievements & bonuses that carry over to all future ages will be added. We have been working on this for a while and are making sure the bonuses are modest and fair.
Time will be reset to mark a new era in Orkfian History.

Sanzo -

Dear Elders,

Alliance size has been reduced from six (6) tribes to five (5) tribes. If you have six tribes please defect one tribe.
You will be given a 12-hr grace period to comply, after that staff will choose one tribe at random to defect.

Thank you for your understanding.

~ Orkfia Staff
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