Age 127 Changes

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If anything changes between now and age start we will let you guys know. (We're still puzzling a bit on the fame changes)

Please note the changes that are delayed an age. Those were mine to code, and I was too slow. Sorry!

Game Changes
Modify: 25% damage vs targets LESS THAN 50% OR GREATER THAN 200% of your size
--> 25% damage vs tribes LESS THAN 40% of your size AND 75% damage vs tribes GREATER THAN 250% of your size

Remove change from a few ages ago which halved attacker gains.

Maximum 15% of your acres can be explored --> Maximum 20%

Race Changes
Remove: High Elf, Templar
Add: Undead, Tiefling

Tiefling (Cursed Mage)

Racial Abilities
Corrupted cannot be trained
1.3% of Warlocks become Corrupted per month (from 0.66)
Failed outgoing spells kill Corrupted from the magical backlash (land / 100)
Increased spell damage by 1% for each Corrupted per acre, up to 30%

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Acolyte 0/0 100 cr
Off Felblade 4/0 450 cr
Def Warlock 0/5 500 cr
Elite Corrupted 7/6 -> 8/6
Thief Trickster 0/0 250 cr

Dark Elf
Natural Mages: Academies gives 33% more Mage Level -> Mage level increased by 40%

Explore costs: +60% crowns --> +40% crowns

Guilds have 2/3 mana storage efficiency, but also store same amount of plans --> 3/4
Hideouts have 2/3 plan storage efficiency, but also store same amount of mana --> 3/4
Add: Hideouts and guilds hold an additional 20 citizens

Remove: No Military Upkeep

Change: 50% chance of attacks not showing in news --> 33% chance
Add: 25% immunity to all spells and thievery operations

Add: Cannot retrain units

Rept Hai
Off Wyvern Rider 3/0 200 cr --> 6/0 500 cr
Elite Hydra 9/5 1,550 cr --> 8/4 1,100 cr

Poltergeist 2/7 775 cr -> 2/6 650cr

100 Templar Knights = 1 Guild --> 200 Templar Knights = 1 Guild
Templar Knight 0/0 150 cr -> 1/1 225cr

Class Bonuses
Change: All mages have a bonus of +25% mana regeneration speed. -> Mages get +5 ML

Change: 2% reduced upkeep per 1000 fame --> 25% increased gains from Self Operations & Exercises

Change: Winds of distress is 20% easier to cast --> 1 acre gained every hour

Missed the age deadline.

Fame gains doubled in war.
Fame gains reduced across the board.
No fame gained on tribes less than 50% of your size or over 200% your size (outside of kills)

Random Tribe News
In local news: Our lumberjacks uncover an ancient monastery deep in the woodlands. The religious inhabitants recognize our great tribe as their savior and offer eternal loyalty. We have gained [random (acres*0.1 ~ acres*0.8)] Priests.

Undead (Cursed - Attacker)

Racial Abilities
Does not use basics (military trained directly from citizens)
All non-skeleton military units that died in battle (from both attacker & defender) rejoin the army (are trained) as Skeletons
Priest offence and defense bonus: +100%
Priest Farm, Mine and Yard production bonus: +100%
Vampires are immortal in combat

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Off Skeleton 4/0 300 cr
Def Mummy 0/4 350 cr
Elite Vampire 7/9 1450 cr
Thief Imp 0/0 400 cr

Scarlet -

Please see updated age changes.
You should see them next age.
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