Age 128 Changes

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Please note that these may still change slightly.
Any updates will be posted here, and the differences noted.

Fame out of war? Halved.
Fame if < 50% or > 200% your size? 0

Intercept - Slightly more difficult
Thieves Trap - more expensive to cast, slightly easier

Arsenic Infusion available at 1800 acres - Medium Difficulty
Destroys up to 2% food
Kills 0.2% of targets offensive specialists

Seal of Deflection - more expensive to cast, slightly easier

Reduced max acres taken to roughly 13% from 15% (barren bonus land modifier from 0.16 to 0.8)
This means a lot less bottom-feeding due to the formula.

Game Talk Forum
Game talk forum re-opened to logged in users. Will be moderated, and mutes will be handed out for non-pg / abusive content.

High Elf -> Undead
Spirit -> Mori Hai

Dark Elf
Add: Temples hold 30 additional citizens..

25% magic and thievery immunity -> 15% thievery immunity.
Off Black Rider 5/0 475cr -> 375cr
Elite Wraith 6/4 650 cr -> 750cr

Undead (Cursed - Attacker)
The Undead were once living, breathing creatures, and are indeed a fearsome sight. It is very difficult to kill one, as they do not breathe, nor do they have any organs to pierce. Their vampires prey on enemy flesh, which causes their ranks to swell inexorably.

Racial Abilities
50% of enemy (non-skeleton) military units that died in battle rejoin the army (return with the army) as Skeletons
Priest offence and defense bonus: +100%
Priest Farm, Mine and Yard production bonus: +100%
Vampires are immortal in combat

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Chupacabra 0/0 50cr
Off Skeleton 4/1 275 cr
Def Mummy 0/6 625 cr
Elite Vampire 7/9 1550 cr
Thief Imp 0/0 400 cr

Mori-Hai Ork Thief

An evolved form of Ork, what they lost of their brute force they gained in cunning, finding new ways to use homes in clever ways. With more citizens at their disposal and a near constant supply of thief plans, the resilient Mori tribe leader is able to quickly order retaliation in various guises.
Racial Abilities

Racial Traits:
Pop boost: 45% homes allowed
Homes give thief plans (1 Home = 2/5th Hideouts)
3 months attack time
-25% food consumed
15% magic immunity

Basic Gnome 0/0 85 cr
Off Goblin 4/0 325 cr
Def Engineer 0/5 450 cr
Elite Mountain Ogre 5/5 825 cr
Thief Assassin 5/1 550 cr

Scarlet -

Edit: 50% of killed enemy units come back as skeletons. Not 100%

Scarlet -

Edit: Units resurrected into skeletons return with the army when attacking. They do not appear in training. When defending and killed units are resurrected as skeletons they are immediately available.
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